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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

T Minus 7 Days and Counting

We are flying to Jamaica in one week to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. Our anniversary isn't until Sept. but it worked better with our schedules to go in the summer. We went to Jamaica on our honeymoon to Montego Bay. This time we're going to Negril. 

I can't wait to spend time away from my kids. Is that bad? Do I sound like a bad mom? 

The past month I've been grouchy, snapping at my kids, annoyed for no reason, and just plain tired. Now with summer starting and Carsen home all day every day, I need a break, to recharge and relax without being a Mom. To read as often and as long as I want, to sleep as late as I want and 5 days where I won't have to listen to demands by small children. 

I've got 3 books to take with me and plan to take full advantage of my down time. Sure there will be plenty of beach activities, excursions and sightseeing but I'm really excited about sitting on the beach doing nothing but reading my book. 

I love to travel. Never been afraid of flying. I like the busyness of the airport, people watching is fun. I don't play that game of trying to create a character for each person. 

We looked into switching our seats to the emergency exit row where the rows are wider and it's an additional $85 per person, or something like that. Our seats are located in the rear, not all the way in the back but according to Hubby we're in the most dangerous part of the plane. 

This doesn't scare me all it does is annoy me b/c we'll be one of the last groups to board and have to stand in the aisle while everyone already on the plane are trying to shove their bags into the overhead bins. And we'll have to put our bag in one of the front bins b/c the others are full. This is my least favorite part of flying. 

I'm also terrified of losing my luggage so I always have a carry on. 

The next few days will be full of laundry, packing and crossing things off my to do list. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Things That Drive Me Crazy on a Daily Basis

1. Charlotte waking up before 7 AM. 
2. My kids indecisiveness about breakfast. 
3. Ainsley asking, "Where are we going today?" 
4. Making Carsen's lunch b/c I forgot the night before. (Yep every day.) 
5. School drop off. 
6. Finding time to unload the dishwasher. 
7. TryĆ®ng to figure out what to feed the girls for lunch. 
8. Listening to Carsen whine he's hungry at 4:30 even though he had a snack after school. 
9. Making supper while Charlotte cries/explores around the kitchen. 
10. The incessant, "Is supper ready?" 
11. The clean up. (Enough said.) 
12. The fact that it's the end of the day and I've crossed very little off my to do list. 
13. My kitchen is full of piles. 
14. Being completely exhausted at the end of the day yet feel like I've accomplished nothing.