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Monday, April 29, 2013

Today I Turn 30

Today is my 30th birthday. Which means my phone was chiming like crazy from all the Facebook messages telling me to have a great day.

My Hubby and kids took me out for supper. I would love to say it was a pleasant evening but in reality it was terrible. We stopped at Best Buy to look for a new camera battery (which they didn't have) and the kids were in fine form.

The boy saw some action figures he had to have. The girl just wanted to run around and scream. Boy threw one of his recent epic fits when we were leaving, screaming on the way to the car.

We almost didn't go to supper but boy calmed down by the time we reached a place he agreed to eat at. Can't even pick the restaurant on my own birthday. It ended up being Chili's which is completely acceptable.

I don't feel 30. I still feel 25, or 23, or 27. I constantly forget my age, not that anyone asks on a regular basis, but on the rare occasion I have to stop myself from saying 25 or 28.

I'm 30. No feelings of depression, no impending mid life crisis looming (I know that usually happens at 50, but it's possible at 30).

I do, however, have a few regrets.

1) Not getting out more in college. I didn't join a sorority in college for many reasons. I only had a handful of friends attend my wedding. I was a little bit jealous of the girls who had those special sorority dances at their weddings w/ all their sisters there.

2) I didn't have my 1st child sooner. This might be considered vain, but the Hubby and I are considering a 3rd child and I can't help but be nervous about having a child over 30. I had my son at 26. We had been married for 3 years which seems pretty average. We wanted to enjoy each other before having to share our attentions. Now I'm wondering if maybe I should have started a year sooner.

3) I wanted to travel more. Hubby and I are high school sweethearts. We got married right out of college. I don't regret getting married so young, but I do regret not seeing more of the world, either in the U.S. or internationally. I traveled to England and Italy w/ my choir group in college so I have experience traveling.

4) Not continuing piano and voice lessons. My mother made me take piano lessons for years when I was young. I hated them. Never practiced. Begged her to let me stop. She finally did. I moved on to voice lessons. I had a nice singing voice, but I wasn't very confident. My voice shook when I sang in public alone and it ruined my self confidence. Made me uncomfortable.

5) Be more confident, outgoing. I know it's hard to change your personality no matter what age you are. I remember as a child my cousins and I would routinely perform skits and put together plays for our family at birthday parties and other get togethers. When I was younger I wanted to be a performer. Not a pop or country star, but a dancer like on a cruise ship or Broadway show. I didn't take dance lessons as a child, but I still hung on to the dream. I sang in choir in college, had a nice scholarship, but didn't have the discipline to practice or motivation to continue.

These regrets don't mean I'm unhappy w/ my life. Quite the opposite. I have 2 beautiful children that make me laugh on a daily basis, a Hubby that's supportive, makes me laugh, and is an amazing father. I have more than I could ever hope for and can't wait to see what the next 30+ years have in store.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

I HAVE to shower daily

I think just about every SAHM I know feels like it's a good day if she gets a shower. Am I wrong?

I absolutely HAVE to take a shower every morning. I hope this doesn't make me sound like a snob, I understand those mom's who don't have time or choose not to shower. I've been there. They want that extra 30 min. of sleep, wake up late, or spend that time getting ready to face the day so they're not rushing later.

Whatever the reason, I get it. I've been there myself some days.

But for me, I have to wash my hair and feel like a person. It's not a vanity thing. I'm the mom who wears yoga pants 5 out of the 7 days a week, I don't wear any make up and spend about 5 minutes on my hair in the morning. I just don't feel normal until I have a shower.

 Not even on a good day will I ever look put together like these ladies (I know they have a whole team to help them look this way).

But I also like to think I don't look this bad when I wake up.

I used to wake up right after my Hubby so I could shower w/ him still home in case the kids woke up. Ever since Xmas, I've been slacking in my routine and when Hubby leaves at 7 AM, I'm still snoozing.

My son or daughter wakes me up and I hope I have time to shower before having to be at our morning activity. My daughter is at the age where I can jump in the shower and not worry too much about her getting into much. Most of the time she follows me in the bathroom and bangs on the shower door.

Some days, I don't have time and I'm ok going thru the day that way. It's just another day in the life of a SAHM.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Purse or Diaper Bag?

The May 2013 issue of the magazine Parenting has a quote from Hilary Duff I found to be absolutely true.

"Now that I carry a diaper bag, I have no idea what to put in my purse to fill it up when I'm alone! I learned to need so little."

I love this quote. I identify w/ Hilary Duff (and also wished I looked like her after having a baby but that's another story). She's right.

First let me clarify, I no longer carry a diaper bag. My kids are bigger and I find all I really need are a couple of diapers, wipes, maybe a change of clothes for my daughter, a pack of Kleenex, handful of toys (action figures, mini board books, etc), maybe a packet of fruit snacks or a box of raisins. And of course my wallet.

This means I carry a "Mom" purse. It's a large brown leather bag that is both casual and dressy. It has a shoulder strap and another longer strap for wearing the purse cross-body. The longer strap also unclips. I usually only wear on the shoulder when I'm alone.

Now that I've explained the contents of my purse and it's appearance, I'll explain that when I'm going out w/ the Hubby or w/ friends I carry a smaller purse.

In this purse I usually carry my wallet, another mini Kleenex pack, my phone, and in just about every bag I carry I keep a tube of chapstick, a pair of nail clippers and a small bottle of tylenol.

As you can imagine, all these things don't even begin to fill my purse.

I see a lot of Moms who carry a purse AND a diaper bag. My question is: What are these Mom's carrying in their purse that can't be put in the diaper bag?

When I was carrying a diaper bag, all I did was slip my wallet into the diaper bag. I didn't need anything else. Can someone solve the mystery of why these women carry 2 bags?!

What do you carry in your "Mom" purse/diaper bag? Unload your bag for us!

Friday, April 19, 2013

I Took My Kids to the Y

I told you all that my family joined the Y on Monday. Our son was beyond excited to spend time in the Kid Zone there. I didn't get a chance to go back until today.

My daughter has some separation issues w/ both me and my Hubby. We go to MOPS twice a month w/ other kids she sees on a weekly basis at other functions and she still screams her head off when I leave her in the nursery. We've been going since September and she's had this reaction since Christmas. Not sure what her deal is but it takes about 10-15 minutes to calm her down.

It's safe to say I was nervous about leaving her in Kid Zone. The brochure said the staff would try and calm her for 10-15 minutes before paging me to come pick her up.

The main thing I worried about (other than my child) is the fact that I wouldn't get much of a workout in that short of time. (Great mom, huh?)

My son was excited and went right in w/ the staff. Baby Girl was eager to see what was inside the area and followed the staff inside, but once she realized I wasn't following, she freaked out and started sobbing.

I hastily finished the paperwork and hurried upstairs to get started. After 30 minutes, my name was paged and I made my way downstairs.

The staff told me she had been crying off and on the whole time and she recommended I leave her for only 30 minutes the first few times we visit. I could live w/ that. I didn't want to traumatize her anymore than necessary, especially if I wanted to make it a weekly visit.

I might try again on Sunday. Hopefully I'll get another 30 minute workout.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Joined a Gym

Hubby and I have talked about joining our local YMCA for the past 9 months. It seemed silly to join right after we moved last year for numerous reasons:

1) It was the middle of the summer, they have an awesome water park, but I didn't see the point in joining for 2 months. Once it got cold I wasn't going to haul my butt to the gym.

2) I wasn't motivated enough in my quest for fitness to join.

The Y was running a joining special thru yesterday and we finally made the move. We want to get our son into swimming lessons before the pool opens and I feel ready to take this next step in my fitness journey. (Wow that sounded lame. Sorry about that.)

By joining we got 3 free sessions w/ a trainer (oh yeah!). I met w/ mine tonight. We were told one of the busiest times of the day was between 6-8 PM. Holy shit that guy wasn't kidding.

The parking lot was full and there was a large crowd when I walked inside. I'm easily intimidated by people and situations. I'm not an overly confident person either so you can probably guess I wanted to run out of there. It's guaranteed I won't be doing my working out at night until I've been going for awhile.

I met w/ my trainer for our 1st session. As to be expected, it was just a sit down where we discussed my goals and expectations. I told her about my desire to lose the 4+ years of baby weight, we talked about my equipment familiarity and preferences, etc.

I had thought about doing a little cardio after my session, but wasn't dead set on it. I didn't end up staying and felt like a lame-o. I did Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred so I at least did something.

Plus I left my headphones in my car and as lame as that excuse is, I wasn't going to cross the parking lot in 40 degree weather to get them.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Quality time w/ the Hubby

When you have small children alone time w/ the Hubby can be hard to come by. My kids are usually both in bed by 8:30 so Hubby and I are free to watch TV, a movie, balance our checkbook, etc.

Lately, Hubby has been working on a woods product in his shop in the garage leaving me alone w/ the TV and my iPad. It may seem crazy but I'm enjoying my evenings more when Hubby and I go our separate ways.

I'm a bit of a TV/remote hog and while we don't have cable, we have Netflix watch instant. I enjoy watching crime drama like Law & Order while Hubby likes to watch sci-fi (Eureka) and The West Wing. I like to watch these shows too but am kind of selfish and want to watch my shows all the time. (Terrible, huh?)

One of the library's we visit has an awesome collection of movies and TV shows. Last week I checked out CSI: NY. I loved this show when it was on TV. The only problem is DVD's can only be checked out for a week. That's 24 episodes to watch in 1 week! Luckily, the library has a week grace period so I won't be charged w/ a fee.

How do you spend your evenings? Are you happy to spend time alone w/o Hubby or do you prefer to be w/ him all evening?

Have you visited the Facebook page?

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Early Bird Special

Hubby refuses to eat as early as 6 PM and most nights I agree w/ him. Hubby's been gone the last 2 nights and today the kids really pushed me to the max. We had a busy morning followed by a trip to the park after nap time.

I had the bright idea of going to McDonald's after the park. I figured it was a quick way to get my son to agree to go home and I didn't have to worry about cooking/cleaning up supper.

My son was excited about this and insisted we leave right away. I agreed w/ him then realized it was 5:30 when we loaded up in the car.

I was a little apprehensive about eating this early, but the kids were both being nice, it wouldn't do any good to prolong our departure, and I figured there wouldn't be too many people in McD's.

Boy was I right. The place was empty which was perfect for a mom w/ 2 kids that were bouncing off the walls and screaming in delight. Both kids were pretty good, the boy had one minor meltdown when after opening his toy, he declared he wanted a different one and demanded I exchange it.

So, while I won't make it a habit to eat at 5:30, it is good to know when taking small children out alone and want to avoid a crowd.

Friday, April 5, 2013


I have a friend I met through a mom's Meetup group. We try to get together once a week either thru a group planned activity or on our own. She has a 22 month old daughter.

Today we went to the zoo. The sun was out, first time in days, and we took advantage of it.

We arrived at the same time pulling into our parking spaces. I jumped out, unloaded the stroller, got my daughter out, strapped her in, my son jumped out, stroller was loaded w/ snacks, cups, and other necessary items.

My friend was still getting her stroller out of the trunk when we rolled up next to her car. She made a comment referring to Supermom b/c I had both my kids and stroller out and ready while she was still struggling w/ just the stroller.

I scoffed and smiled, brushing off the comment. Of course, I couldn't resist mentioning we had stopped at Target on the way and still managed to get there on time. (I was pretty proud of us for getting that done.)

There was no way I was a Supermom. She didn't know how I had struggled to get my son to put clothes on that morning, how my attitude changed when we walked into the store and the whining started, and she definitely didn't know that later today I got upset w/ him for wanting to wear his new shin guards during quiet time. (Why was that a big deal?)

My friend is a family therapist and has advised families on discipline cases among other things. She has recognized her daughter as being high needs. She's clingy, a frequent feeder/comfort nurser (she's still nursing her), hyperactive, and separation sensitive, among other symptoms.

My friend sleeps w/ her child almost every night and naps w/ her every day. She spent the first 9 months struggling to produce enough milk for her baby who wouldn't nurse yet she was determined to breastfeed. Because of this she pumped until her baby was able to attach properly to her nipple.

Her husband is going to nursing school so he spends his days in class or clinicals and when he is home, he wants to study. She could be considered a single parent most days of the week and I believe she rarely gets time to herself.

This woman is a true Supermom. I would not have her patience to handle a child that needs constant attention. One thing I love about my kids is that they both are happy to entertain themselves. She wants at least one more child. Her husband thinks that having a child w/ high needs is enough. She and I both agree that her daughter prepared her for pretty much any problem a newborn comes out having. Another child couldn't behave worse than what they've already experienced.

Sure there are some days when I have it together and can move smoothly through our daily routine w/o too many obstacles, but I would hardly call myself a Supermom. I think every mom should be called Supermom b/c she has the best job in the world. (Ok I know that was cheesy but it's the truth.)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Finding the Right Sports Bra

After the birth of my daughter in 2011, I knew I needed to do something about losing the baby weight. I hadn't lost much after my son was born so I had some extra around my middle when I got pregnant the second time.

A friend on Facebook was raving about Moving Comfort and their products.

I should point out that I'm a large chested girl (much to my displeasure) and wear a 38-40 DD. I'm sure I could wear an E if I knew where to buy that size in the big state of KS.

So this friend had posted about Moving Comfort making sports bras for large chested women so I thought I'd give it a look. I was tired of my girls bouncing around and the straps cut into my neck.

The Juno bra is the sites bestseller. I found my size on clearance (score!) and also ordered the Fiona style that was also on clearance.

When the bras came I tried them on immediately. The Fiona was beyond comfortable. The straps sat in the middle of my shoulder, not cutting into my neck and making my boobs "dip" in the middle, and felt more like a regular bra.

The Juno was a different story.
I apologize for this second picture being blurry. (I also don't know why the model looks so spaced out.)

The bottom strap has hooks like a regular bra. You'll notice it doesn't "open" in any way like a regular bra either. This means it has to be slid over your head (like a sports bra) and somehow you have to fasten the hooks.

For me, it's nearly impossible to pull this thing over my head w/ the hooks fastened. I also have to adjust the straps once it's on.

The first time I had to have Hubby help me. The second time I put it on was just a few weeks ago, I think I kept the hooks fastened and pulled it over my head. (It worked!) Then I had to adjust the straps.

I had to ask my son to throw them over my shoulder (I know I'm not proud of that). I wore this bra all day and it was the most uncomfortable thing ever. The straps cut into my neck, it rubbed a mole under my arm, and it was "big."

I'm glad other women have had such great luck w/ this bra, can you share your secrets?

I'm looking to buy another Fiona. That's my #1 choice.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Cartoon Love

I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but my son likes to watch My Little Pony on Netflix. At first, Hubby and I were like Really? That's a girl show.

Then we realized we didn't want him to share our attitude about similar things and let it go.

Has anyone else seen this show? It's pretty good. Hubby and I are ashamed to admit it, but we LOVE this show. If we miss an episode, it's a little disappointing.

Most days my son is allowed to take my iPad into his room during quiet time (how else am I going to get my nap?). If he watches an episode w/o me, again, it's a little disappointing.

When we watch a show on the TV, I'll back up to the last episode I watched. Pathetic isn't it? Then, of course, I'll tell Hubby about the episodes we watched and let him know if any are worth him watching.

We haven't gotten to the point where we watch them after the kids are in bed. That would just be sad.

I enjoy cartoons even now in adulthood. We regularly watch Rugrats, Spongebob (our daughter's new favorite), Hey Arnold!, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, etc.

My name is Megan and I love watching cartoons, preferably from the '90s. (Even if my kids aren't home!)