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Monday, November 10, 2014

The Orange Rhino Challenge

I'm sure you've all heard of The Orange Rhino. If not then she's a mom who one day after she was overheard yelling at her kids, decided to go 365 w/o yelling and she blogged about her experience.

Her book just came out, Yell Less, Love More and I bought a copy and joined her 30 day challenge of no yelling. Its in the form of a book club in that she assigns a topic and a short section to read then she has a forum on her website

It just started in Friday and I had a minor set back already on Saturday but it is helping me to be conscious of trying not to yell. I'm catching myself quicker, realizing my triggers and not letting them make me yell and I've told a few people about it, I've reached out for support.

For me yelling had gotten out of control in our house. It wasn't just me doing the yelling. C was yelling at A who was pretty much yelling all the time. I've told my kids it's ok to be mad, it's ok to be angry, but it's not ok to yell or hit. What kind of example was I setting?

I made the decision to do something about it and the next day I saw on Facebook that The Orange Rhino was doing this challenge. It was just what I needed! I was planning to buy the book anyway. There are so many parents who can benefit from this. The forum is a great place to read about other parents faced with the same problems and are wanting to find different ways to handle their various situations instead of yelling.

The challenge encourages you to reach out to friends and family to find that support you need and to hold you accountable. I've told my husband about the challenge but he's not too supportive right now, it's still early days. And I've told 2 friends. Friends I can count on when I call or text saying "I'm gonna lose it! Remind me to redirect my anger!"

I'm excited about this challenge. I've been needing a change in my life in more ways than one. This is just the beginning of what I hope will be an improved me!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Vomit and Hello Kitty

I'm a sympathetic vomiter. If I see, hear, smell someone throw up, chances are I'm joining them. Doesn't matter if it's an adult, child, or animal. Most of my family is this way. My brother has a hard time making it through a diaper change of the #2 kind. (I've witnessed this first hand. He's not faking to get out of it.)

Whenever our dog gets sick he always throws up twice. It's a guarantee. He makes a pretty obvious noise too to let you know it's coming. That's your cue to either shove something under his face to catch it, or drag him off a carpeted area. 

We had our first round of child sickness this past week. A ran a fever last Wednesday and threw up first thing the next morning. After she'd had her milk of course. Thank goodness Hubby was home to clean it up. 

This was the first time A has been throw up sick. She's old enough to know its about to happen but not old enough to know she needs to tell us or run to the bathroom. Every time she would cry and just go limp before bending at the waist and letting it go. 

Hubby and I went out Thursday night. A threw up first thing that morning, kept some toast and soup down all day, wasn't running a fever, and was acting like herself. The babysitters were here, Hubby and I had just finished getting dressed and I was settling down to nurse Baby C one last time. 

I heard A cry and Hubby tell her to get in the bathroom. Another spot on the carpet. And she'd had carrots for lunch too. 

She still didn't have a fever and the babysitters weren't scared away so Hubby and I left as planned. After we got home and were getting ready for bed, we hear A crying in her room. She'd thrown up again. All over her pillow and baby doll. 

We quickly replaced the pillow and pajamas, wiped her face and hands, rinsed out her mouth and tucked her back in bed. 

3 hours later, more crying, this time from the bathroom. She'd gotten out of bed and headed in the right direction but was too late. It was on her bed and trailed on the floor. 

Surprisingly none got in her pajamas. Hubby got another warm rag while I assessed the sheets. They needed to be replaced. 

Did I mention A and C share a room? So there was no turning on the lights. I was using a small nightlight on their bookcase but it wasn't cutting it anymore. I spotted a small flashlight on the dresser and flicked it on. This made changing the sheets a breeze, no small feat on a bunk bed, and she was settled back in bed. 

It wasn't until I was leaving the room and I placed the flashlight back on the dresser that I noticed it was A's Hello Kitty flashlight from Halloween last year. 

Thanks Hello Kitty for being the shining light to help me clean up vomit.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

I've Lost Something...

Earlier this week I realized my energy, my motivation, my desire to have a clean house, eat healthy or even cook, take a shower, do laundry, interact w/ my children, even the desire to get through another day, all that was gone.

Hubby was gone most of the week, traveling for work. I know that was the main problem, but he's traveled before and I've never felt that depressed, that tired, and that empty.

My to do list was at least a page long and still I couldn't bring myself to pick up the toys in my living room, empty the sink of dirty dishes, run a load of laundry (I wore the same bra 3 days in a row), or wipe off my kitchen counters.

I know we all have these days (even weeks) but I can't shake this "blah" feeling. Is this depression? Am I just feeling sorry for myself? How can I shake this? Hubby is leaving again on Monday for a 3 day trip and I cannot have another week like I just experienced.

I've been telling myself I'm going to start eating right, working out, actually getting up w/ my alarm and getting ready before waking up my kids. I'm tired of feeling tired.

I'm tired of yelling at my kids.

I'm drowning. I'm tired of going through the motions day after day and never getting anywhere.

Isn't that the definition of insanity? Doing something over and over again and expecting different results? I'm clearly insane. I wake up late almost every morning, am automatically in a rotten mood b/c I've overslept and then take it out on my kids, yelling and hurrying them along to rush to school on time.

And the solution is so obvious. I've told myself for months if I would just wake up earlier, when my alarm goes off, I could change the mood of the whole house in the morning, but I refuse to do it. I refuse to give in and let go of that sleep in the morning.

Baby C still gets up at least once a night. I've stopped nursing her at night (she's 7 months old, she can make it) so she mainly wants to be held, given her pacifier and rocked. This process is typically pretty easy and doesn't take too long. Yet I get frustrated.

Frustrated b/c she should be sleeping through the night. Why doesn't she? She's full, she's dry, the temperature is comfortable in her room, she has a sound machine, what more could she want? My other two had no problems sleeping through the night at this age. This stage is a whole new concept to me as a parent.

Now that I've shared all my depressing views and feelings w/ you, allow me to end w/ some comic relief: My kids have wanted to watch The Nut Job every day (sometimes twice) for the past week. Now it's a cute movie and I don't mind watching it over and over (unlike My Little Pony: Equestria Girls) but the best part of the movie is the end when the credits are playing.

The song Gangam Style plays and the cartoon version of PSY and the cast of the movie dance. My kids love this part. They try and mimic the animals and characters on the screen w/ their dance moves and poses. Imagine your 5 year old shaking his butt in an imitation of a squirrel doing Gangam Style. It is hilarious. I need to take a video.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

I want my 3 cents back

In a post last week, I confessed my Sonic/caffeine addiction. I'm there so often I know exactly how much our drinks will cost because we order the same thing, or variation of the same thing, every time. 

Our total is $2.22 and I'm not beneath paying with change; I always feel the need to apologize when I hand over a handful of coins. 

A few times I've paid with 2 $1 bills and a quarter, which means I should get back 3 cents right? 

Now I've never been a big tipper at Sonic. (Sorry to any Sonic employees.) One of the biggest reasons is I hardly ever pay with cash. On a rare occasion I do pay with cash I'll use the line, "Keep the change," but even then it's only a dollar or two. 

Evidently the employees at my Sonic assume if the change does not contain bills, they are free to keep it. Now 3 cents isn't enough to get upset about but because this has happened 2 or 3 times I really want to say something. Would that make me look like a bitch? If I asked for the 3 cents? Would they think I was a cheapskate or something? 

Monday, October 13, 2014

I Wish my Kid Rode the Bus

This summer before C started kindergarten he was dying to ride the bus. He asked me over and over if he could ride the bus to school. When I told him no he wanted to know why. 

I explained that he was lucky his Mom stayed home and it was my job to take him to and from school. Not to mention it would cost his dad and me $75 a semester to ride the bus which was less than a mile from our house. 

Now that Hubby has his new job and will be traveling the majority of every month we've been talking about what things could come up w/ the house I would need help with if he was gone. We talked about the usual things: heating/cooling trouble, water heater, plumbing, etc. 

One thing I hadn't thought about was shoveling the driveway. I'm capable of doing it myself (it might take awhile), but I would have to get up super early and leave the kids in the house alone. We have 2 high school boys that live across the street but they're not exactly overachievers. 

This morning it was overcast, raining, and the wind was blowing like crazy. Not ideal weather to walk the 2 blocks we usually walk. (We park at a friends house and walk w/ them.) Especially w/ 2 little girls. 

So I used the dreaded drop off lane. Because of the weather every other parent was doing the same thing so the process took longer than usual. Same thing at pick up. Some parents "camp out" in the drive as early as an hour before school is dismissed. I parked across the street, left the girls in the car and walked to the school. The line to get in the pick up lane stretched out to the street. 

I'm not a fan of rain and snow. With the weather changing and Hubby traveling so much, I may be looking at ways to make extra money. Like $75? 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I'm Addicted to Caffeine

My sister-in-law has to have a Diet Pepsi first thing in the morning. The thought of pop before noon was not appealing to me. 

Nowadays I can't get thru lunch w/o my Coke Zero. Sometimes I have one while making supper too. 

And Sonic Happy Hour is a great thing. 

And the .99 large drinks before 10 AM. 

I'm really a closet Sonic junkie. There I said it. 

It's gotten out of hand, seriously. 3 or 4 days of the week we make a Sonic stop. Whether it's in the morning or after school it varies. 

It's so bad I'm worried the car hops know my car and talk about me after they deliver my drinks. I don't want to be the pathetic mom in the minivan who stops every day. 

But sometimes I'm craving a large fountain pop. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Nap time Stinks

Ever since Baby C came into our lives it's been harder for me to get "Mommy time" every day at nap time. C quit taking naps when he was 3 1/2. When he is home he gets to play games on the iPad during quiet time. 

Now that school has started and Baby C is growing up the girls and I have established a better routine. The only problem is A needs to lay down at 2 or 2:30 for her nap. She usually takes at least a 2 hour nap, but for the last few weeks she has been fighting her nap pretty hard. 

Some days she'll cry and scream; maybe come out 3-4 times to say she doesn't want to lay down. And more often than not, she falls asleep at 2:30 or so. 

Baby C has been putting herself to sleep at nap time (and sometimes bed time) which is awesome. We're usually on the go most mornings so she doesn't always get a good morning nap and some days she only naps for about an hour depending on what time we get home and how long it takes to make/eat lunch. 

I start getting everyone ready at 3 to pick C up from school. Waking the girls up, changing diapers, putting on shoes, getting a snack or drink, buckling in car seats, etc. This means A only gets about a 30 min nap. Most days she does fine with just a short nap, no fits later in the afternoon or anything like that. 

I'm not ready to totally drop the nap though. She still needs that rest time and I'm finally getting my Mommy time back! 

Friday, October 3, 2014

My Bucket List

1) skydive

2) take a family train trip

3) rent a house on the East coast for a summer 

4) return to Italy, Hawaii, San Francisco 

5) see Seattle, Ireland

6) have a piece published 

7) visit NYC at Christmas time

8) see Trans Siberian Orchestra 

Monday, September 29, 2014

The New Scooby-Doo is Scary

I loved watching Scooby Doo when I was little. It was a Sunday morning ritual for me and my brother. Did you know they've updated Scooby Doo? 

We don't have cable just a Roku box and we stream Netflix. When I saw Scooby Doo was on there I thought, "Great! A cartoon I used to watch and now my kids can too!" Not even close.

The new Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated has some scary villains! The first episode we watched was about a town that was taken over by alligator people. Now these are what the alligators looked like when I used to watch the show. 

Not too scary right? Here is the updated alligator people. 
They are terrifying! I found it hard to watch. It took my kids awhile to want to watch another episode b/c they were scared of the "ghosts." 

Also, what is up w/ the romance plot on the show? Why are we trying to get Shaggy and Velma together? What is the target age range for this show? I guess they needed another plot line rather than just catching ghosts. 

And the mystery of the kids that disappeared 20+ years ago? Talk about a complicated story line. Maybe I just had a hard time following it b/c my kids were asking me a million questions or I was trying to fix lunch and switch laundry. I haven't given the show my full undivided attention. I guess if I did I could better follow that plot. 

Does anyone else have trouble following the New Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated? 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Am I Failing at my Job?

I've been so sporadic w/ my blog posts ever since I started this blog that I can't remember how I introduced myself. So I'm going to start over. Pretend this is the 1st time I'm writing to you all out there.

 I'm 31 years old, I live in Kansas w/ my Hubby of 9 years, our 3 kids and our dog. My son (C) is 5 and just started kindergarten, my oldest daughter (A) just turned 3, and the baby girl (Baby C) is 6 months. (The dog is 8 in case anyone was wondering.)

C is very laid back, curious, observant, and highly emotional. He gets upset over the smallest things. "My cracker broke in half." "I wanted the baseball cup." "I wanted to brush my teeth first." Imagine these are being said in the whiniest of voices. This causes much anxiety and stress for all of us. He's better now that he's getting older but there are still some times he'll cry over nothing.

We're a month into kindergarten so we're still giving him some slack adjusting to a new routine. I find it hard most mornings not to snap when he cries over not wanting to wear the clothes I've laid out.

A is blond and blue eyed, has a winning smile, and looks utterly adorable. She's also the sassiest little girl I've ever encountered. The terrible 3's have certainly hit our house. She likes to talk back, scream, throw fits, demand to play on my Iphone or Ipad, and torment her brother, which basically means she hurts him. C does his fair share of the antagonizing, but A is the one to take it to the physical level.

Hubby just got a new job that has him traveling quite a bit. We knew this opportunity was coming and knew what it would mean for me at home. I was okay w/ it, I still am, but some days it's hard being the only one home. Especially during that 4-6 PM time period. That's when I lose my mind. I haven't had a minute to myself all day to sit down and unwind. I'm tired, cranky and instantly on edge. This means I yell at my kids at the drop of a hat. (I know you've all been there too.)

 Just now C came in crying b/c A had scratched him on his collarbone. I looked and yeah she got him good. A scratch about an inch and a half and it was bleeding. Last night, she bit him in the bathtub. (They still take a bath together. Think what you will but it saves time.)

I put my head in my hands, counted to 10, and fought back the tears.

I find myself taking these "moments" where I count to 10 more and more frequently, especially since school has started. Some days I just completely lose my cool and don't bother counting. Then I feel like a jerk. Is that the way my kids are looking at me? Are they scared of me?

And then there's the guaranteed to make you feel like a crap parent when your kid yells at their sibling b/c that's the example you set.

 This should be my "Aha!" moment, and it was for a few weeks, but then school started and I had to get up earlier than normal, adjust my routine, had to make sure lunch was packed for the next day and the girls and I were prepped for whatever activity we had going on, not to mention keeping up the day to day housework. And the baby STILL isn't sleeping through the night.

 I know my triggers, know how to avoid that rushed feeling in the mornings, but I refuse to change my routine. I continue to fail at this aspect of my job as a Mom and it depresses me to no end. I feel like absolute garbage when I yell at my kids before 8 AM.

My goal for next week is to get out of bed the first time my alarm goes off. This is going to be hard b/c Hubby will be gone for 4 days next week. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Dog has Allergies

For the past couple months our dog, Eddie, has been licking his feet. At first we let it go thinking he was bored. But recently it's become incessant licking. His paws are turning red. Whenever we get on him about it, he moves out of our eyesight and keeps licking. 

Eddie's been due for his shots since the spring, we've been putting it off b/c we spent $600 earlier this year when he had his teeth cleaned and they removed 8 due to plaque build up. What great parents huh? 

So we'd been putting off this vet trip, but the feet licking was out of control. We googled it and found he could have an anxiety disorder, an allergy, a number of different diagnoses. 

The vet said he probably had an allergy and the grass on his feet was making them itch. Say what? My dog, who spends a good 2/3 - 3/4 of his day outside, is allergic to our grass? 

Hubby took him in today and the vet prescribed a solution to wipe on his feet once a day and said we could give him Benadryl. All we have in the house right now is children's Benadryl in liquid form. I planned to pour some in his water dish and he'd lap it right up. 

Yeah right. He sniffed it and backed away. 

Not to be discouraged I came back w/ a syringe from the infant Tylenol. I held Eddie by the collar and poked the syringe into the corner of his mouth while he twisted his head trying to avoid me. It took several tries but I managed to squeeze all 3 ml of medicine in his mouth. Now to fill up and do again. And again. Lots of treats were given between doses and he still wouldn't cooperate. 

Tomorrow we're buying the chewable tablets and sneaking them into some cheese. He loves cheese. (Who doesn't??) 

Oh and he's overweight. :( By 2-4 lbs. so not too much. His portions have been cut and he wasn't too happy about that today. He does have a big backyard to run around in and we do play w/ him out there. But he's getting up there in dog years (he's 8) and after a few throws he starts limping and we feel bad for him. The vet assured us it was healthy for him to run even when he acted sore. 

This is the first pet I've had that's stuck around the longest. Growing up we lived along a highway and dogs were always showing up and would stay for awhile. We've had him since he was a puppy, he's my first "baby." Who wouldn't love a dog like this? 

This isn't my Eddie but he looks very similar to this corgi. Same coloring and same brown spots over his eyes. 

My Eddie is laid out on his back, feet up in the air, snoring. That must be some good Benadryl. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Showing Skin Around your Kids

I had an earlier post about privacy in the bathroom and I want to bring up a similar topic: Nudity in front of your children: At what age do you stop? 

I usually come out of the bathroom after my shower wearing my bra and underwear. If I happen to be naked and hear my children coming down the hall, I pull my shirt on really fast or grab my towel. 

A friend and I have been taking an aquatics class at our local Y every Wed. evening. When Hubby comes home I'm usually in a hurry to change and get out the door. One Wed. night I'm changing in the bedroom and Hubby comes back to get "instructions" so to speak. Of course, the kids are close behind him. I'm naked, putting on my swimsuit, and the kids are jumping all around the room. 

Later Hubby asked me when I was going to stop undressing in front of our 5 year old son. I was quick to point out I was alone in the room when I started changing, the kids followed him back to the bedroom. 

And what did he mean by naked? Completely naked? Bra and pants? Bra and underwear? There's a number of combinations he could be talking about. 

My kids see me nursing Baby C every day. My son doesn't ask questions or stare. My daughter thinks the baby is eating from my tummy. And I'm not going to correct her. :) 

I don't really want to be reduced to changing in my bathroom, and I certainly don't want to give my girls a complex over body image if I'm constantly hiding while changing. It's no secret I'm insecure about my body (who is?), but I'm not going to complain in front of my kids. I want them to be more self confident than I am/was. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Bathroom privacy

We've all seen the ecards laughing about Moms having no privacy, especially while going to the bathroom. Why isn't this the same for Dads?

I don't know what it's like in other homes but my Hubby doesn't allow the kids in the bathroom while he's using it. The unbelievable thing is, the kids comply!! 

He feels especially uncomfortable around our daughter. She's a little more curious than our son was so she's not afraid to push her way into the bathroom and observe. She's even compared "it" to an elephant! I about died. 

I don't always leave the door open when I use the bathroom. If my children follow me I try to simply state, "Mommy is using the bathroom." Can anyone guess how well this is received? 

Locking the bathroom door isn't an option for me, I simply won't do it. The only exception being when I need to "cool off" and take a few minutes for myself. (And of course when Hubby is home I may lock the door just to avoid interruptions.)

My daughter comes in just to say hi and maybe for a chat. She looks around for something on the counter to hold or play with, something she isn't supposed to be touching. 

My son almost always has a question or a request. "Can I have a drink? Can I watch another show?" He's more compliant than his sister when I tell him I'm using the bathroom, can he come back? 

And then there's my 4 legged child. The dog. He barges in whenever he pleases but usually only stays long enough to sniff out the room before going to look for something more exciting. 

What kind of bathroom stories do you have to share? 

This brings me to a similar topic: Nudity in front of your children: At what age do you stop?

I usually come out of the bathroom after my shower wearing my bra and underwear. If I happen to be naked and hear my children coming down the hall, I pull my shirt on really fast or grab my towel.

When Hubby comes home the first place he goes is usually back to the bedroom to change clothes. The kids usually follow talking non stop about what happened that day. On the off chance they don't follow him back there and I do, you can guarantee they'll be along shortly.

A friend and I have been taking an aquatics class at our local Y every Wed. evening. When Hubby comes home I'm usually in a hurry to change and get out the door. One Wed. night I'm changing in the bedroom and Hubby comes back to get "instructions" so to speak. Of course, the kids are close behind him. I'm naked, putting on my swimsuit, and the kids are jumping all around the room.

Later Hubby asked me when I was going to stop undressing in front of our 5 year old son. I was quick to point out I was alone in the room when I started changing, the kids followed him back to the bedroom. And what did he mean by naked? Completely naked? Bra and pants? Bra and underwear? There's a number of combinations he could be talking about. I don't really want to be reduced to changing in my bathroom, but I also don't want to give my son a complex later in life. Not to mention giving my girls a complex over body image if I'm constantly hiding while changing.

Do anyone of you have a policy about bathroom privacy/

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Three Kids is Enough, Right?

I had read that a woman knows when she's done having children. The feeling is strong and she's confident about the decision.

When Hubby and I were talking about another baby (#3), we agreed that would be it. After having my third child (Baby C) just 3 months ago, I was positive this was my last time in the OR. (I had c-sections w/ each one.)

Anyone that asked, "Are you done?" was met w/ a quick and serious "YES!" Those first weeks after delivery were full of sleepless nights, a crying infant that was hard to console, and sore, cracked nipples. Not to mention I needed a push every time I wanted to get off the couch or chair and had to use the wall for support when walking. I didn't wish to go through any of that again.

I consigned a bunch of my son's baby clothes in the spring and plan to do the same in a few months w/ his fall/winter clothes. I've gone through my older daughter's things and separated what will work for Baby C and what can go into the sale pile.

Baby C is a fan of the swing, so was my older daughter. She can swing and sleep for hours. (Yay for Mommy time!) I told Hubby that she will most likely be too big or lose interest in it by the time the next consignment sale comes around. She'll be ready for the walker or exersaucer. It seemed like this next sale would be the perfect time to sell the swing.

After those words came out of my mouth, I felt a sadness. This really was my last baby. We'd had that swing since our first was born.

Consigning my son's baby clothes had me feeling nostalgic and a bit emotional but nothing like imagining that swing in someone else's living room.

Hubby and I agreed it was sad to think about getting rid of these baby items that have cluttered our attic, moved w/ us to 3 different houses, and entertained our children. But I was quick to assure him I hadn't changed my mind, Baby C was our last baby.

I never expected to feel this way though. I never thought about how hard it would be to let go. Granted it will be awhile before we get rid of everything, but just as hard. It's like all those people that tell you when you're baby is small "It goes so fast." I didn't know this was true until I had kids. You hear other Moms talk about finally selling their crib or getting rid of the pack 'n play but don't realize what a big step that is. The heartbreak involved.

Not to mention not being pregnant again. I LOVED being pregnant. I wish I would have taken more time to enjoy it this last time. Taken more pictures, that sort of thing.

Did you know when you were done having children? Did you catch "baby fever" and decide to give in?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Adjusting to 3 Kids

It's been 2 months since I had my 3rd child. I now have 2 girls and 1 boy.

We had plenty of help on the big day and for weeks after that. Between grandparents and Hubby taking time off I was never alone w/ all 3.

My mother-in-law was the last to leave. That evening I cried to Hubby that I was scared. I didn't think I could handle all 3 on my own. My son was still going to preschool 3 mornings a week. I was nervous about getting everyone in the car and unloaded then doing it all over again when it was time to pick him up.

But the next day came and I survived and I've been surviving. Sure there have been a couple of days I've yelled more than I wanted to or Hubby came home to find me in tears. What Mom hasn't been there?

B/c this is my 3rd child, I don't feel bad about letting my baby cry for a minute or two while I attend to my other kids. Have you tried reading a bedtime story to your kids while holding a screaming baby? It's not enjoyable for anyone.

Evening is the worst time. Between 6 - 8. The first few weeks were really bad. Hubby and I had to eat in shifts, one would hold the crying baby while the other ate.

She's since gotten better about sitting by herself. The swing is a Godsend. She takes all her naps in it. She sleeps in her crib at night and does pretty well w/ it.

Everyones first question is always, "How is it w/ 3?" I tell them the truth. It was hard. Especially b/c she was/is a fussy baby. After 2 months though we've gotten into a routine and she can go longer between feedings (I'm nursing). Now that summer is here we've got lots of activities going on every day.

My other 2 kids don't show any signs of jealousy. My older daughter has started acting out a little, but she's also 2 years old. I don't think it has anything to do w/ the attention her baby sister is getting. If anything the baby gets less attention.

The only one who is really feeling neglected is the dog. He spends most of his day outside. Good thing its been so nice out.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fighting the Soccer Mom Stereotype

Even before Hubby and I got married we agreed on one thing: We didn't want to own a minivan.

After our first child, we bought an SUV. A Chevy Equinox and we loved it. It suited our needs perfectly. We had a child and a dog. Both sat comfortably in the backseat. Spacious back end for all our baby stuff. (We do a lot of traveling to see family and friends.)

When our 2nd child came along we were still riding pretty in our SUV. It was a little tougher to fit everything in the back end but we made it work. Our dog had to ride on the floor which he wasn't crazy about but again, we made it work.

My father-in-law is a car dealer so we're always checking out the lot when we're visiting them. This past summer we spotted a minivan sitting on the lot. Every fiber in our body was screaming: No! It's a minivan! But we were planning another baby and knew we needed something bigger.

Sure we could have gone w/ a suburban or an SUV w/ a 3rd row seat. If only we could afford a GMC Acadia or Saturn Outlook. (Those are my dream family cars.) Unfortunately, the later 2 were too new for our budget and any suburban w/in our price range had too many miles on it.

The minivan on the lot was a Chevy Uplander, 2008. It had leather seats, great mileage, automatic doors, the back row of seats folded down and best of all it had a DVD player.

The only downside was: It was white.

It might not seem like a big deal to everyone else, but Hubby and I aren't big fans of white vehicles. Hubby drives a white pickup and having 2 white vehicles? We didn't like it. This was our biggest dilemma. Not the fact that we were breaking our #1 rule of not owning a minivan. Not that we would be cementing our status as a family living in the suburbs and me as a soccer mom, but that the van was white.

We've owned that van for 8 months and I love it. I love the automatic doors, the DVD player, how far I can go on a tank of gas, and all the cup holders.

No matter how much I love it though, Hubby and I still talk about how much we wish it wasn't white.

Friday, February 21, 2014

1 Month to Go

Now b/c I've been MIA for the past 2 months you all that read this blog have no idea what I'm referring to in the title of my post.

I'm 1 month away from giving birth to my 3rd child. (C-section actually.)

I've read a lot of stories about how 3 children is either the perfect balance or the perfect nightmare. Hubby and I planned this pregnancy so we knew what we were getting into but that doesn't mean the doubts aren't there.

We keep joking about how much we love our sleep and are able to sleep through the night now w/ our 2 older kids. Are we really ready for that part of parenthood? The sleepless nights, reading the signs for why the baby's crying?

But then we look at all the newborn pictures of our 2 other kids and remember the smiles, coos and faces they made. Plus after what our daughter put us through (colic, constant nursing, and didn't prefer sleeping alone) I think we're ready to handle anything.

Hubby and I took a tour of the hospital b/c we will be having this baby at a new hospital than the previous 2 kids. It's a much larger hospital but the maternity ward is being updated which is a plus.

We learned during the tour that there is no nursery in the maternity ward. The baby will be in our room DAY AND NIGHT.

Hubby and I looked at each other in a panic. Our previous 2 babies spent every night in the nursery, only coming into my room when they needed to be fed. How were we going to have a pseudo-restful night w/ our baby in the same room?

Great parents, right?

There is a full size bed so we'll have the luxury of sleeping together. (Before we each had our own twin size bed.) I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not.

It will be nice to sleep w/ him, but I expect to be somewhat uncomfortable and when the baby wants to nurse Hubby will be just as inconvenienced as me. Not to mention that if I need to sleep at an inclined position, he has to sleep that way too. (That's to say the bed has that option.)

I still have a million things to do. Sure most everything is moved into the nursery, but as far as organization goes the room still needs some work. Totes need to be gone through to find clothes (we don't know the sex of this baby), the mobile, car seat, etc.

We moved our 2 older kids into the same room (more on that later) and it's going really well. Let's hope the arrival of this baby doesn't screw w/ our system.