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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to Tune out your Kids

I've been able to do this since before my son was talking. Hubby has a problem doing this. He can't get past the high pitched voice screaming, "Mommy, mommy, mommy!" over and over from the back seat or the living room. I have no problem whatsoever, probably b/c I have spent the last 8 hours w/ no one but these small people to talk to and once an adult comes w/in 10 feet of me, I can't contain my mouth.

I first realized this gift one Friday when my family was driving 6 hours to visit the grandparents. I had worked that day (I worked part time before we moved), Hubby had worked, we were both tired but as was our routine he drove the first leg of the trip. I was sitting in the passenger seat chattering away about who knows what while my son tried to be heard from the back seat. He kept repeating, "Mommy, mommy, mommy." His volume never changed, just the intensity and speed of the phrase. I kept jabbering away to Hubby like we were the only 2 in the car. Finally Hubby says, "Can you not hear that?" I looked at him blankly for a minute before turning around and answering the inane question my son just had to have an answer to in that very second.

Further proof that men cannot multitask.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sweatpants vs. Yoga Pants

I have a relationship w/ my sweatpants. It started in college when I bought a fleece pair at Old Navy w/ the drawstring waist. They were all the rage 10 years ago. I never wore them outside my dorm or apartment, I thought that was tacky (at the time). I didn't start "living" in them until I got married and had kids.

My first pair of fleece pants I wore all thru my 1st pregnancy and after. I bought a pair of yoga pants to wear out in public b/c the fleece ones I thought looked sloppy. My husband hated the fleece pair. He said they didn't flatter my ass the way the yoga pants did.

After the birth of my 2nd child, I gave up the fleece pants and bought another pair from the Gap this time. These fit a little snugger than the previous pair and were lots more comfortable. Hubby was thrilled when I replaced them. I wear them all the time. I wear my jeans out during the day then "Boom!" back home, I pull the Gap pants back on. They're usually thrown over the bed waiting for me to return.

Now lets get to the point of this post, my sweatpants are WAY better than yoga pants. They kick yoga pants ass! Don't get me wrong, I own a pair of yoga pants and they are very comfortable. The problem I have w/ them is they aren't very flattering to my shape. They draw attention to my "post pregnancy" tummy and divide the fat into 2 sections above and below the waistband. I'm constantly pulling them up when the spare tire, or muffin top, pushes the waistband down to extreme discomfort level and has me hiking them up to nipple height. Hubby has told me how attractive this looks. I do prefer to wear the yoga pants out in public, they fit better and look nicer than the Gap pants.

I took pictures of both pairs of pants but can't figure out how to download them from my iPad onto the blog. It's going to take some research. I'm not a real tech savvy person but I hope to spruce this blog up a little, and I'm hoping to start a Facebook page in the next week so be sure and check back!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Quality of my Sleep

When I was in college I made it a rule to be in bed by 10, 10:30 at the latest. (I know how lame, right?) As many of you can imagine, there are large parts of college I wish I could redo. I finally came to my senses my senior year and started staying up until midnight on a pretty regular basis.

Up until my family and I moved 6 months ago, Hubby and I rarely found ourselves in bed after 10:30. The clock would hit 10 and I would be headed to brush my teeth and remove my contacts. It was some weird internal alarm I had, I don't know how else to explain it. But now that we've moved, we're night owls. I sit here typing this at 11:17 PM knowing my alarm is set for 5:30 AM (I really hope I can get out of bed and not just turn it off) and that only leaves a mere 6 hours of sleep.

I don't know what changed to make us crave the night hours. Maybe it's b/c I'm staying home and I'm grasping to whatever downtime I can get before the whole day begins again and I won't have a free moment until nap time.

My nighttime routine is the same every night: make supper, eat, rinse and load dishwasher, set timer on dishwasher, put kids to bed, watch TV downstairs while simultaneously playing on my iPad, come back upstairs after a ridiculous long time watching TV to remember the 100 things I need to get ready for the next morning. If I would just get up at 5:30 when my alarm goes off I could probably avoid a lot of that, but I don't. Why? Because I'm lazy! I like my sleep but I'm losing some self esteem and I'm hoping that's more important to me than sleep right now.

I have a sleep cycle app on my phone that's supposed to monitor my sleeping patterns and wake me when I'm in the mode where I won't feel the most tired. It tells me how long I stay in deep sleep and at what times I'm "awake." it also tells me what percentage my sleep quality is and stores past nights. As of right now, the best night of sleep I got was right after thanksgiving. Now I don't usually use this app unless I need to set my alarm so I don't use it on weekends. I found it interesting that I haven't had a good nights sleep for 2 months. I thought I'd been sleeping pretty well. Although I got the flu at the end of last week and I've had lots of coughing fits mainly at night. That hasn't helped my sleep quality.

Now that its 11:30 my chances for those 6 hours tonight is dropping pretty fast. Maybe I should shoot for 5.5.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


I must have jinxed myself w/ my previous Booger Nose post b/c I woke up yesterday and my throat was horribly scratchy and sore and my body was aching (I'd worked out the day before so couldn't be sure my body aches were sick related). I haven't been going thru much Kleenex on my account (the boy is going thru it like crazy). Today when I woke up my throat was on fire, I hadn't slept well and had coughed most of the night, my head was aching and as the morning wore on I started to feel light headed and sick to my stomach.

Like every other SAHM, I had kids to take care of regardless of how I felt. After dropping my son off at preschool, I brought my daughter home and took my temp which said 100.5. I sent my husband a text thinking of how great a day in bed would be. I had checked out several books from the library and had added them to the growing pile on my nightstand. But I sucked up my symptoms and told him I would be fine, and I was later in the morning.

When my husband came home from work, I planned to "retire" to the basement and veg in front of the TV and let Hubby take care of the kids. I'd already fed the kids so he didn't have much left to do. He is having a "lodge" weekend where he will be spending 2 days w/ friends hunting, drinking, laughing, etc. while I spend those 2 days w/ my parents and mother-in-law as a single mother. (Can you tell I love to torment Hubby w/ this?)

I figured if he was going to spend the next 2 days "kid free" I deserved an hour of solitude in the basement, especially if I didn't feel good. I wasn't alone 5 minutes before I heard the "thump, thump, thump" on the stairs and the lights come on. Hubby had brought the kids downstairs. In his defense, he had explained to our son that mommy didn't feel good and wanted to watch her show. I had started an episode of My Strange Addiction that isn't exactly kid friendly.

I gave Hubby a look and explained my reasoning. He asked if he should take the kids upstairs to which I said no. Hubby was tired, I was tired, neither one of us had the strength to corral the kids.

This weekend should buy me some "mom" time for the next couple weeks. :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Booger noses

For me the worst part about having a cold is the runny nose. It makes your nose red and raw from blowing/wiping, is annoying b/c you have to sniff until you think you'll pass out, and makes you go thru a lot of Kleenex which you don't always have on hand when you're out and about w/ small children. I've been known to rifle thru the side car door (what we use for a trash can) looking for a used Kleenex b/c my son is most likely licking the stream of snot running out of his nose (sorry for the visual but it's the truth).

Right now my son has a runny nose. Not just your standard runny nose, I mean thick yellow snot (what color means its healthy? Is it yellow?). There's also a dried ring of snot inside one nostril that I have to practically hold him down to dig around and clean it out.

My daughter doesn't have a runny nose, she gets the dried crusty boogers that I have to fight her to clean out. My technique is to kind of scrape them out w/ my fingernail when I can get a clear shot.

The perks of being a mom, right?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sleeping in - Good idea or time waster?

Ever since we came back from Xmas break (we spent a week w/ our families), I have found it nearly impossible to get back on schedule. It didn't help that I slept until 9 almost every day of break b/c there were grandparents who were more than happy to get up w/ the kids. Then when we came home to our house, Hubby, being the sweet and considerate man that he is, let me stay in bed an additional 3 more days before going back to work. That's when it all fell apart. My mind knew I needed to get up and shower when the alarm went off, but my body was happy snuggling under the blankets and dozing for another hour. I had also planned to start working out that week, just another memo my body didn't get. My mind was all set to go; the body didn't agree.

It has now been 2 weeks since we've been back, and even though our daily lives are back on schedule, I still cannot get myself out of bed in the mornings! Last week I think I only showered twice, the other days I slept until my son crawled in bed w/ me. I set my alarm every night for 5:30 AM intending to work out. I shut it off and go back to sleep. Hubby's alarm goes off at pretty much the same time.

Last week I did however manage to work out 3 times thanks to my son. I have the EA sports active program for the Wii and started the 30 day challenge at the beginning of the month. I think I've done 6 workouts and today is the 14th. Sad I know. Anyway, my son likes to do some of the exercises w/ me like running, inline skating and boxing so throughout the day he'll ask when I'm going to do my workout. I figure its a way for him to burn off energy and kills 30 min at the same time.

Every night, after I've looked at Pinterest, I get all hyped up and say to myself that I will get up in the morning and make tomorrow better b/c I slept until 8:30 today and took a nap at quiet time. I didn't follow my normal routine of laundry and kitchen clean up and felt like shit most of e day. Not to mention my jeans are tighter still. I need a big change and borderline intervention. I've browsed some cross fit sites and am wondering if I have what it takes to try it. The main thing is I'm lazy, there I said it. My name is Megan and I'm a lazy girl who doesn't want to get out of her nice warm bed and work out in the mornings, nor do I want to watch what I eat.

Think about me in the morning and send positive thoughts my way so I can crawl out of bed. I'll let you know what happened tomorrow. Check later!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

My daughter aka "The Screamer"

When my family tells childhood stories, they often involve stories of me screaming. Like the time my Aunt put me in time out b/c I wouldn't stop screaming. Of course, I kept screaming and then stayed in time out. I refused to stop. I could reach quite the high octaves I was told. I can't reach those octaves anymore, but my daughter has inherited my awesome set of lungs.

She screams out of anger, frustration, excitement and glee. She's starting to react when her older brother takes something away from her (which he does on a regular basis) w/ an ear piercing scream. Last week she had an unusually hard day in which she screamed a lot. My ears are still recovering. In the past couple weeks, her screaming has been happening a lot more frequently: in church, the library, grocery store, the car, etc. Surely this isn't the start of parent manipulation to get what she wants? B/c it just might work. We hate to give in, but when it happens somewhere like church, we're scrambling to shut her up and avoid the annoyed glances from fellow parishioners.

On the flip side, hearing her squeal in excitement when her daddy comes home or listening to her laugh while playing w/ her brother lights my face up and makes the anger screams almost a forgotten memory.

For about 15 minutes, of course.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Potty training update

Today marks a week since we put away the size 6 diapers and told our son underwear was the only way to go. We were a prisoner to our house last week something that I was fine w/ considering the mess he would make in public should he have an accident. 

Well an accident happened in public over the weekend, but lucky for me, it happened when he was w/ Daddy. I had packed a bag w/ change of clothes, sock, and shoes plus a plastic bag to contain the pee soaked clothes. Hubby was glad for this life saving bag as I pointed out that he wouldn't have remembered a pull up much less a change of clothes. 

The point of this post was to share that today marked our first accident free day (w/ the exception of poop)! I can't tell you how proud we are of him!! He goes back to preschool tomorrow and I'll be sending the "emergency bag" w/ him and giving his teacher the rundown. 

I'm also pleased his behavior has improved. Before Xmas he wasn't listening, talking back, and copping some major attitude both in public and at home. Hubby and I were ready to try anything. I found myself yelling constantly at this child who would scream, cry, and become so emotional at the word "no." We were worried our daughter would be the "emotionally unstable" child (and she could still be) but the boy was worse than we could imagine. But over the past week, I've noticed an improved attitude, no more screaming and crying over minor things, and doing a great job of listening. I credit myself for keeping my temper and frustration level under control, not biting his head off or being annoyed by every little question or comment. I also like to think that my son is finally ready to be a "big boy" and change his behavior. 

Whatever the reason Hubby and I are just glad the family dynamic around here has calmed down. Hubby knows how our day went minutes after he comes home. I guess my tension is either so evident I'm a monster and bite his head off or I'm smiling like an idiot and looking relaxed and refreshed. Either way I always have dinner on the table, isn't that the most important part? 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

What makes me a Suburban Mom

So I titled this blog "Tales of a Suburban Mom" obviously b/c I live in the suburbs. Let me give you some background.

I grew up on a farm where I did very little farm related work (raise cows, plant/cut wheat, corn, beans). I hated harvest time in the summer b/c of the heat and also b/c when it was time to move equipment, my dad called and needed my help, or my mom's, to drive a various vehicle. I could barely remember my directions from my own house and my dad would name the field they were in and then use directions like "5 miles south of the water tower" or something equally confusing. Thank goodness for cell phones so I could call when I got lost. I spent a lot of time driving dirt roads looking for a combine and grain cart.

I went to college in Lawrence, which I loved. Not growing up close to a big city of any kind, it was a little overwhelming at first especially driving anywhere but I got over that quickly. I loved having my pick of stores and restaurants at my disposal and came quite accustomed to that so called lifestyle. My boyfriend (eventually my husband) was from the same town as me. He loved the small town life. Once it appeared we were serious, I made it clear I didn't intend to love anywhere close to home. I didn't want my mom to drop by whenever she was in the neighborhood or see someone I knew every time I went out of the house. He agreed that was fine and we settled in SE Kansas right after we got married. Fast forward 7 years later and we're living in what you would call a suburb of Wichita. Hence, the reason for the title of this blog.

I absolutely adore Wichita, that being said, I'm glad my kids will not be attending school there for various reasons I'm sure you can all guess. My husband commutes to work every day and the kids and I are left to our own activities. I don't sit around and drink wine, gossip about my friends, or have plastic surgery, like the TV portrays suburban women. I belong to several "mommy groups" my son goes to preschool, we got to the library every week and have met a great group of people in our new town.

Back to loving Wichita, the 15 minute drive to Target is awesome! Not to mention the unlimited activities and restaurants available. My husband doesn't share my love, he only likes the close proximity to the city. He loves the outdoors and hasn't quite found his place in this new setting. It will happen in time I'm sure.

So now I hope you all don't think I'm your stereotypical housewife as mentioned above, I actually very seldom take off my sweatpants unless I'm leaving the house, but that's a post for another day.

Good night all!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Husband is the greatest husband

I mentioned in my post last night that my Hubby offered me a night off from the kids and potty training. I wasn't going to take him up on it mainly b/c (primarily i didn't know where i would go seeing as how i don't have many non-mom friends) yesterday didn't go too badly I didn't think I needed it, but today was a whole different story. B/c it was only day #2 of potty training, we hadn't gone anywhere for 2 days for fear of leaving a mess somewhere and the embarrassment of cleaning it up not to mention the extra clothes and other various objects I would have to pack in my already overflowing mom bag. I was feeling the effects of cabin fever today. My frustration level that I was so good about keeping under control yesterday came to a head today not to mention my daughter was constantly screaming over everything. I sent my husband a text in the afternoon saying if the offer was still on the table I was collecting. So for the past 2 hours I've been sitting in a booth at Panera Bread where I enjoyed a leisurely dinner, a cookie (the whole thing for me!) and a book.

My husband is awesome and is always looking out for me. I only wish I was half as good at returning the favors.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Potty training: Day 2

The Hubby and I were firm in our decision to go "hard core" w/ potty training our son at the first of the year. Yesterday was the first day of underwear only (he'd been wearing diapers and pull ups). It isn't that he doesn't know when he has to go, the problem is that he's lazy and can't tear himself away from his toys or TV when he has to go. The first day saw a couple accidents and 2 successes. I fear it will take longer for the #2 to happen in the potty which means lots of poop scrubbing for mom.

My Hubby returned to work today so I was on my own to handle the pee party. I am proud to say I kept my temper and frustration in check today in spite of the many accidents/messes. (One of my resolution's!)

I learned a few things today I'll share w/ all of you:
1) Socks are not a good idea no matter what the temperature is.

2) Those plastic pants seem fool proof until your kid actually pees in them. They really just catch the pee and when your kid pulls them down, dumps pee all over the floor and their legs. I have a pair sitting in my bathtub now waiting to be rinsed and washed. Good thing I have 3 extra pairs.

3) I will never know the most effective way to wash poop out of underwear. I was able to dump some in the toilet but what do you do w/ the rest? Yesterday I attempted to wipe it off w/ toilet paper but it became tricky when I would try and rip off a new piece of tp. I didn't think it was a good idea to rinse them in the sink, who wants poop washed down their drain? And I'm not throwing them away.

I usually do 1 load of laundry a day, some days 2, but the last 2 days I've done 2 extra loads. I thought I'd wait until the end of the day and throw all the pee soaked items in the wash at once, but after that first accident this morning at 11 AM, I decided I didn't want those clothes sitting around gathering a stench.

I also spent more time than I'm comfortable w/ looking at my son's butt. After the poop accidents, I had to make sure he was wiped clean and rather than make him lie down on the bathroom floor (where there was no doubt pee residue and God knows what else), I chose to sit on the edge of the tub and wipe his butt. My son doesn't like to be wiped, as a result (or defensive pose), he clenches. So I had to literally separate his cheeks to make sure he was poop free. Not the highlight of my day as you can imagine.

A note about my amazing and supportive Hubby: he asked me what I wanted to do tomorrow night to give myself the night off from 2 days of potty training madness. I thought that was incredibly sweet.

Anyone else have horror stories to share?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolution recap

I shared my resolution's the other day. I bought groceries Sunday w/ the intention of eating 5 small meals a day. My Hubby and I did this in November and were very successful in losing weight. We moved away from this plan mainly b/c I got lazy and didn't do any meal planning which is EXTREMELY important when dieting. So anyway, one resolution was to follow an eating plan/establish an exercise routine. I started the day out right by working out for 25 minutes and burning 140 calories which doesn't sound like a lot but I'm starting slow.

I then ate Sonic for lunch and Buffalo Wild Wings for supper which cancelled out my mini workout. This happens quite frequently in my day to day life. When you're home w/ small children you tend to fill your day w/ food. (At least I do.)