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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kids say the darnedest things

My son doesn't always act great during church every Sunday (who's kids do?) and this morning both my kids were being especially obnoxious. It didn't help that there were 2 baptisms which caused mass time to go over the hour mark by almost 30 minutes. The kids (and us parents) had reached our breaking point at the hour we all became cranky.

But I'm getting away from the main story. We attend mass at 11 AM, this way we can go out to eat after mass. Our one day a week we allow ourselves to eat out. It's mass time is extremely crowded and my family usually arrives right at 11 or a few minutes late. We spend a few minutes walking up and down the aisles looking for 4 seats together, not an easy thing to spot. Today we made a point to leave our house 15 minutes early and got our pick of any seat we wanted! Once it got closer to 11, seats started to fill and, of course, some other people sat next to us. It was a husband and wife w/ their teenage son. The woman was plus sized I won't say anything else about that. We had just returned to our seats after taking communion so the music was still playing and singing. My son asks me a question I don't hear at first. I ask him to repeat it and he says, "Why is that lady's tummy so big?" He's gesturing at our seat neighbor. I quickly pull him close and whisper that isn't a nice question, my face red from embarrassment. I tell my husband I'm not positive she heard, but its very possible she did. This was the first inquisitive, embarrassing thing to come out of my son's mouth.

Anyone have other stories to share?

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