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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

TV Love

I know TV isn't good for kids. I've read the studies and agree TV isn't great for developing minds. When my son was around 12 months old, he was noticing the TV, would pause to look at the screen when a song came on, but he would always go back to what he had been doing.

Which meant I was safe to watch whatever I wanted without worrying about content and language.

I grew up watching TV. My dad had the remote surgically attached to his hand. We watched everything from sports to the news to weeknight TV. Following in my father's footsteps, I also have to be holding the remote.

Hubby got used to this early on in our marriage. He accepted the fact that I was my father's daughter.

I enjoy having the TV on pretty much all the time. I like to hear the people talking. It's like I'm not alone. The quiet house feels uncomfortable (the noise of my kids is different). I know a lot of people would say, "Just listen to music," but it's not the same. The TV is like a conversation.

My son likes to watch TV, but most of the time just watches until he remembers he wants to be playing. Half the time the living room is empty and the TV playing.

My daughter is also showing a preference for TV, but she also becomes side tracked a few minutes into a show.

Both of my kids are extremely smart (I'm probably biased though) and neither shows even the slightest symptoms of ADHD or being under developed.

I'm not going to change my TV habits but I also don't leave our TV on 24/7. We do have a period during the day where the TV is off.

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