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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Valentine's Day

Let's go back a few weeks to Valentine's Day. Hubby and I stopped making a  big deal out of this holiday about 5 years ago. We usually buy each other a card and maybe a little something, but it's never anything as big as flowers or dinner out.

Since we moved, we haven't been out on date nights much. It's hard to find a babysitter in a new town.

So back to that Thursday, Hubby worked about 30 minutes later than normal. I didn't make anything special for supper but I had a peach pie I'd bought at the store. (Real special I know. I don't bake.)

My daughter had been acting clingy and whiny all day, rare for her. She'd had some diarrhea, one real special, up her back and everything.

Baby girl had milk w/ her supper and not much else (she's usually a great eater), same as every night. She was whining and rubbing her tummy. Then she pointed in her mouth and stuck out her tongue like there was a bad taste. She then proceeded to throw up milk all over the kitchen floor and some of the carpet. (You all know how disgusting milk throw up smells right?)

I have a very weak stomach. I gag just hearing someone throw up. I dragged her into the bathroom and got her cleaned up. Then ordered my son to keep her in the living room so I could clean up the floor. Half a roll of paper towels and several Clorox wipes I had the hard wood cleaned up. I wiped what I could off the carpet and put a towel over it. When Hubby came home he used our Bissell carpet cleaner to go over it. The smell was gone thank God.

My Valentine's Day I got to clean up poop and puke. How did you spend yours?

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