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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer Vacation Stress

My son just finished his 1st year of preschool. 2 days a week for 2.5 hours. It was nice to have those 2 mornings free for some one on one time w/ Baby Girl.

And let's be honest, it was nice to have that break from the Boy. I love him to pieces, but he can be hard to handle sometimes. (On the plus side, his meltdowns have almost disappeared completely or last for only a minute at most.) Next year he'll go to preschool 3 mornings a week.

Like every other mom out there, I was dreading summer break. I was already having trouble scheduling morning activities for 2 mornings a week, now I was going to have to come up w/ 3 or more!

We visit 3 different libraries a week so that takes care of about 3 days. Our rec center has a couple different activities for 3-5 year olds I plan to enroll him in not to mention blastball starts next month.

In the midst of all this panic to stay busy, I'm also finding it hard to fit everything into our schedule. Crazy, right? A lot of activities start at the same time on the same days.

There's story hour at 3 different libraries, special programs/story times b/c of summer reading, rec center activities, vacation bible school, visiting grandparents (fair, harvest), play dates w/ friends, swimming lessons, visiting the pool. Just to name a few.

Some activities I haven't signed the Boy up for yet. I'm still trying to make the pieces fit. It seems silly to stress about trying to fit all these different programs into our summer. The Boy isn't going to know what activity we're missing so what's the point in trying to hit them all?

Swimming lessons and pool time are pretty high on the priority list. Story times and library programs are okay to miss. Visits to grandparents will happen at specific times during the summer, easy to plan around. The rest will just have to happen week by week.

Anyone else having trouble fitting everything into their summer?

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