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Monday, November 10, 2014

The Orange Rhino Challenge

I'm sure you've all heard of The Orange Rhino. If not then she's a mom who one day after she was overheard yelling at her kids, decided to go 365 w/o yelling and she blogged about her experience.

Her book just came out, Yell Less, Love More and I bought a copy and joined her 30 day challenge of no yelling. Its in the form of a book club in that she assigns a topic and a short section to read then she has a forum on her website

It just started in Friday and I had a minor set back already on Saturday but it is helping me to be conscious of trying not to yell. I'm catching myself quicker, realizing my triggers and not letting them make me yell and I've told a few people about it, I've reached out for support.

For me yelling had gotten out of control in our house. It wasn't just me doing the yelling. C was yelling at A who was pretty much yelling all the time. I've told my kids it's ok to be mad, it's ok to be angry, but it's not ok to yell or hit. What kind of example was I setting?

I made the decision to do something about it and the next day I saw on Facebook that The Orange Rhino was doing this challenge. It was just what I needed! I was planning to buy the book anyway. There are so many parents who can benefit from this. The forum is a great place to read about other parents faced with the same problems and are wanting to find different ways to handle their various situations instead of yelling.

The challenge encourages you to reach out to friends and family to find that support you need and to hold you accountable. I've told my husband about the challenge but he's not too supportive right now, it's still early days. And I've told 2 friends. Friends I can count on when I call or text saying "I'm gonna lose it! Remind me to redirect my anger!"

I'm excited about this challenge. I've been needing a change in my life in more ways than one. This is just the beginning of what I hope will be an improved me!

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