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Monday, November 3, 2014

Vomit and Hello Kitty

I'm a sympathetic vomiter. If I see, hear, smell someone throw up, chances are I'm joining them. Doesn't matter if it's an adult, child, or animal. Most of my family is this way. My brother has a hard time making it through a diaper change of the #2 kind. (I've witnessed this first hand. He's not faking to get out of it.)

Whenever our dog gets sick he always throws up twice. It's a guarantee. He makes a pretty obvious noise too to let you know it's coming. That's your cue to either shove something under his face to catch it, or drag him off a carpeted area. 

We had our first round of child sickness this past week. A ran a fever last Wednesday and threw up first thing the next morning. After she'd had her milk of course. Thank goodness Hubby was home to clean it up. 

This was the first time A has been throw up sick. She's old enough to know its about to happen but not old enough to know she needs to tell us or run to the bathroom. Every time she would cry and just go limp before bending at the waist and letting it go. 

Hubby and I went out Thursday night. A threw up first thing that morning, kept some toast and soup down all day, wasn't running a fever, and was acting like herself. The babysitters were here, Hubby and I had just finished getting dressed and I was settling down to nurse Baby C one last time. 

I heard A cry and Hubby tell her to get in the bathroom. Another spot on the carpet. And she'd had carrots for lunch too. 

She still didn't have a fever and the babysitters weren't scared away so Hubby and I left as planned. After we got home and were getting ready for bed, we hear A crying in her room. She'd thrown up again. All over her pillow and baby doll. 

We quickly replaced the pillow and pajamas, wiped her face and hands, rinsed out her mouth and tucked her back in bed. 

3 hours later, more crying, this time from the bathroom. She'd gotten out of bed and headed in the right direction but was too late. It was on her bed and trailed on the floor. 

Surprisingly none got in her pajamas. Hubby got another warm rag while I assessed the sheets. They needed to be replaced. 

Did I mention A and C share a room? So there was no turning on the lights. I was using a small nightlight on their bookcase but it wasn't cutting it anymore. I spotted a small flashlight on the dresser and flicked it on. This made changing the sheets a breeze, no small feat on a bunk bed, and she was settled back in bed. 

It wasn't until I was leaving the room and I placed the flashlight back on the dresser that I noticed it was A's Hello Kitty flashlight from Halloween last year. 

Thanks Hello Kitty for being the shining light to help me clean up vomit.

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