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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My POS Van

For anyone that's read my blog you know Hubby and I fought the minivan for a long time. But after we bought it we wondered why we waited so long. The cup holders, the sliding doors, the DVD player. They were all wonderful.

Now 2 years later, we can't wait to trade it in. The DVD player quit working at least 6 months ago, we replaced our front tires around Thanksgiving, every oil change came w/ other diagnoses, our transmission slips every now and again, and this past weekend we blew a rear tire on Interstate.

When the whole transmission started slipping a few months ago we thought about looking for something else. But we've really been trying to stick to our budget since the beginning of the year and decided to wait it out. We had the transmission cleaned/flushed, whatever it is they do to it and that helped w/ the slipping but hasn't stopped it completely.

After the blowout this past weekend, we took it as a sign.

If the loan goes through the way we believe it will, this will be our new car. It's a 2009 Chevy Traverse w/ leather interior, DVD player, tinted windows, remote start, heated seats, and AWD. We're sad about losing the sliding doors and most of the cup holders that the van had, but excited about losing the minivan look, the working more compact DVD player and the fact that it isn't white! 

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