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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I Have to go 10,000 Feet

So I've mentioned before that Hubby is a pilot. Occasionally we'll fly to see our parents. We did this a lot right after we had Carsen for many reasons:
1) We could afford it.
2) It was faster.
3) We thought we were super cool b/c we flew home.

Did I mention the dog (Eddie) also flies? He's a seasoned traveler. Most of the time he's the co-pilot and does very well. At first he's anxious but after take off he settles down and falls asleep.

Ainsley was about 18 months the first time she flew. She didn't want to keep her headset on and loved to look out the window.

Maybe I should mention when we take an airplane home it's a 4-seater. Usually a Cessna 172 or 182.

Charlotte's first trip she was 7 months and also chose not to wear the headset. She fell asleep w/in a few minutes both coming and going. Eddie did not make that trip. Would have been a little crowded to say the least. No room for Eddie to wander on the floor like in the car.

Now to the point of this post:
At the end of Spring Break, we flew up to see Hubby's sister in Omaha, NE. Charlotte again didn't want to wear the headset which was fine, but this trip she didn't fall asleep w/in minutes even though she was beyond exhausted.

No she decided to scream for an hour and 15 minutes of the 2 hour trip. She fell asleep during the last 20 minutes. Hubby and I passed her back and forth for most of the trip. The older kids played the iPad.

On the return trip is where things got interesting. Carsen had been the co-pilot on the flight to Omaha so on the way home it was Ainsley's turn which meant Carsen was sitting in the back next to me.

About an hour into the flight, Carsen said he had to go potty. Hubby told him we still had an hour to go, could he hold it? That was met w/ a very abrupt shake of his head and him clutching his pants.

Hubby and I exchanged glances over the seat and I mentioned I had a water bottle.

I had no idea how much pee actually came out when a person pees! I had a small Dasani bottle and he almost filled it.

It's not the first time we've dealt w/ bodily fluids. When I was pregnant w/ Ainsley I threw up in the plane in one of those air sickness bags.

Hubby threw it out the window. Can't imagine the surprise if that landed on someone.

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