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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mother-less Day

When Hubby is gone for work I usually binge watch different shows on Netflix. These past 2 weeks I took advantage of one of our local libraries and checked out season 1 of The Millers.

One of the episodes was a Mother's Day episode and Jayma Mays character, her husband and daughter celebrate "Mother-less Day." A day she didn't have to be a mother and her daughter didn't have to follow any rules.

I know Mother's Day has come and gone this year, but I wanted to touch on this subject. Isn't a "Mother-less Day" what every mother really wants each year? The problem is not many mothers want to admit it.

We all feel guilty about wanting to spend a day that's supposed to show Mom how much she's loved and be about family, by ourselves doing whatever we want.

My kids are little and don't fully understand Mother's Day. Carsen knows it's special, but rarely do I receive a gift of any kind. I think this year he was even out of town that weekend.

I usually get to pick the restaurant we eat lunch and take a nap in the afternoon. That's enough for me and I still feel guilty about my husband being alone with the kids for that long a period of time even though I feel I deserve the break.

How can we get over this guilt? We all deserve a break once in awhile and I think once a year isn't too much to ask.

If your husband and kids likes to plan an exciting day of spoiling and pampering you, good for you! If your family has an annual Mother's Day tradition of going out for brunch, that's great too! I love family traditions. Our family hasn't started many yet. We're still hanging on to the traditions we grew up with, hoping to make new ones.

I think next year my plan is to introduce the tradition of "Mother-less Day." If my family knows about it enough in advance, we can all plan accordingly.

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