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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Three Kids is Enough, Right?

I had read that a woman knows when she's done having children. The feeling is strong and she's confident about the decision.

When Hubby and I were talking about another baby (#3), we agreed that would be it. After having my third child (Baby C) just 3 months ago, I was positive this was my last time in the OR. (I had c-sections w/ each one.)

Anyone that asked, "Are you done?" was met w/ a quick and serious "YES!" Those first weeks after delivery were full of sleepless nights, a crying infant that was hard to console, and sore, cracked nipples. Not to mention I needed a push every time I wanted to get off the couch or chair and had to use the wall for support when walking. I didn't wish to go through any of that again.

I consigned a bunch of my son's baby clothes in the spring and plan to do the same in a few months w/ his fall/winter clothes. I've gone through my older daughter's things and separated what will work for Baby C and what can go into the sale pile.

Baby C is a fan of the swing, so was my older daughter. She can swing and sleep for hours. (Yay for Mommy time!) I told Hubby that she will most likely be too big or lose interest in it by the time the next consignment sale comes around. She'll be ready for the walker or exersaucer. It seemed like this next sale would be the perfect time to sell the swing.

After those words came out of my mouth, I felt a sadness. This really was my last baby. We'd had that swing since our first was born.

Consigning my son's baby clothes had me feeling nostalgic and a bit emotional but nothing like imagining that swing in someone else's living room.

Hubby and I agreed it was sad to think about getting rid of these baby items that have cluttered our attic, moved w/ us to 3 different houses, and entertained our children. But I was quick to assure him I hadn't changed my mind, Baby C was our last baby.

I never expected to feel this way though. I never thought about how hard it would be to let go. Granted it will be awhile before we get rid of everything, but just as hard. It's like all those people that tell you when you're baby is small "It goes so fast." I didn't know this was true until I had kids. You hear other Moms talk about finally selling their crib or getting rid of the pack 'n play but don't realize what a big step that is. The heartbreak involved.

Not to mention not being pregnant again. I LOVED being pregnant. I wish I would have taken more time to enjoy it this last time. Taken more pictures, that sort of thing.

Did you know when you were done having children? Did you catch "baby fever" and decide to give in?

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