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Friday, July 11, 2014

Bathroom privacy

We've all seen the ecards laughing about Moms having no privacy, especially while going to the bathroom. Why isn't this the same for Dads?

I don't know what it's like in other homes but my Hubby doesn't allow the kids in the bathroom while he's using it. The unbelievable thing is, the kids comply!! 

He feels especially uncomfortable around our daughter. She's a little more curious than our son was so she's not afraid to push her way into the bathroom and observe. She's even compared "it" to an elephant! I about died. 

I don't always leave the door open when I use the bathroom. If my children follow me I try to simply state, "Mommy is using the bathroom." Can anyone guess how well this is received? 

Locking the bathroom door isn't an option for me, I simply won't do it. The only exception being when I need to "cool off" and take a few minutes for myself. (And of course when Hubby is home I may lock the door just to avoid interruptions.)

My daughter comes in just to say hi and maybe for a chat. She looks around for something on the counter to hold or play with, something she isn't supposed to be touching. 

My son almost always has a question or a request. "Can I have a drink? Can I watch another show?" He's more compliant than his sister when I tell him I'm using the bathroom, can he come back? 

And then there's my 4 legged child. The dog. He barges in whenever he pleases but usually only stays long enough to sniff out the room before going to look for something more exciting. 

What kind of bathroom stories do you have to share? 

This brings me to a similar topic: Nudity in front of your children: At what age do you stop?

I usually come out of the bathroom after my shower wearing my bra and underwear. If I happen to be naked and hear my children coming down the hall, I pull my shirt on really fast or grab my towel.

When Hubby comes home the first place he goes is usually back to the bedroom to change clothes. The kids usually follow talking non stop about what happened that day. On the off chance they don't follow him back there and I do, you can guarantee they'll be along shortly.

A friend and I have been taking an aquatics class at our local Y every Wed. evening. When Hubby comes home I'm usually in a hurry to change and get out the door. One Wed. night I'm changing in the bedroom and Hubby comes back to get "instructions" so to speak. Of course, the kids are close behind him. I'm naked, putting on my swimsuit, and the kids are jumping all around the room.

Later Hubby asked me when I was going to stop undressing in front of our 5 year old son. I was quick to point out I was alone in the room when I started changing, the kids followed him back to the bedroom. And what did he mean by naked? Completely naked? Bra and pants? Bra and underwear? There's a number of combinations he could be talking about. I don't really want to be reduced to changing in my bathroom, but I also don't want to give my son a complex later in life. Not to mention giving my girls a complex over body image if I'm constantly hiding while changing.

Do anyone of you have a policy about bathroom privacy/

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