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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cartoons = Trouble

I've already told you all that my son likes to watch My Little Pony. Our new favorite is Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. (If you all haven't seen this show, you need to. It's awesome! It's on Cartoon Network.)

Anyway, Hubby and I are BIG fans of this show as well (I know it's a cartoon)so didn't mind adding it to our queue. Unfortunately, Netflix hasn't added any new episodes. We've watched the same 13 episodes at least 30 times.

Our daughter pleads to watch, "Bloo," on a regular basis and she's just so darn cute it's hard to say no!

This particular cartoon has taught our son some not so great behavior. In one episode, a character gets tied up, mouth taped shut, and put in a closet.

On several occasions, a character says, "What the...?"


My son has started using my hair ties to bound Woody's arms and legs, he asked me for tape to place across Woody's mouth (and later his own mouth). He no longer has access to my hair ties.

And saying, "What the...?" on a regular basis.

What kind of behavior do your kids get from cartoons?

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