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Monday, February 11, 2013

A visit from the repairman

I hate when an appliance breaks down or my husband calls someone to look at our garage door, roof, etc. Even when I was working I was always the one who had to be home when these people visited our house. It was harder for Hubby to know his schedule day to day and when he would be available. What usually happened was Hubby would call the office and make the initial appt. then call me to tell me when he scheduled the visit.

I never know how to act when these people come to my house. The insurance adjuster is there to look at our roof? Great, I'll just hang out inside and wait for him to ring the doorbell and tell me he's done. I'll take the paperwork he hands me and say goodbye.

The bug guy comes to spray. I got to know our old bug guy pretty well. He was a nice guy who talked while he worked and made you feel comfortable w/ a stranger being in your home. I could usually go about my business when he was working.

An appliance repairman. This is where I get a little uncomfortable. Do I need to stand there and watch while he works? Most of the time it's in a room where I can be working on housework, but sometimes it's not in a convenient location. Like this past week we had a guy come and look at the fridge we keep in our garage. I was standing out there when it was about 45 degrees in our garage (he tested it) w/ 2 small kids. See the problem is, if I had left the guy alone to do his job then he would of had to come in the house every time he had a question.

This is another thing I don't like about being the only person home during these visits. I feel like an idiot calling my husband every time the guy has a question I can't answer, but even worse is explaining to my husband what the guy told me while he was there. Most of the time I don't remember the specifics, just general information, so can't always answer my husband's technical questions in a way that would please him. I'm not a very technical person and when you throw stuff at me like how a fridge works, my mind kind of goes blank. I can nod and say all the right things, "Sure, Ok, I see," but I can't repeat back what I've been told.

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