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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Apple can bite me

On Friday the 8th my iPhone gave me message the newest update was available for download. I selected install now and was greeted w/ the lovely bar that turns white as the download progresses. Only problem was the bar didn't darken all the way. Instead, I was told to connect to iTunes. Now I've had my iPhone for over a year and never have I been asked to connect to iTunes.

Being a good girl, I followed directions, plugged in my USB cord and was told my version of iTunes was damaged, it needed to be reinstalled. Hubby and I were getting ready to leave town, it was going to take an extra 30 minutes at least to get this update taken care of, so I left the phone home for the weekend planning to deal w/ the problem when I got home.

Weekend over, iPhone was waiting for me. I reinstalled iTunes, plugged in the phone, got a message stating my iPhone needed to be restored. I hadn't backed it up since before Xmas, I had dozens of pictures and videos I was going to lose. Talk about frustration!! I don't handle frustration well, especially technology related. I tend to overreact, assume the worst, throw up my hands and walk away. (Hubby loves this about me. I get it from my mom.) Hubby spent some time researching and told me there was no way around the restore.

I okayed the restore only to get an error message saying restore not possible. Something about not being able to connect to Apple at this time. WTF! When do I have time in my day of being a mom to call and spend an hour on hold w/ Apple support? Tuesday I'm beyond frustrated and the kids are actually being good, so I decide to take a chance. I'm connected w/ a REAL person almost immediately. I spend the next 2 hours on the phone speaking w/ 3 different people about my problem. Nothing we try works. I call a senior supervisor back on Sunday, we try 2 more things, again neither one works. She advises me to try connecting to iTunes from another computer. It may be my WiFi connection isn't strong enough. And if that doesn't work Apple can do a manual restore that will cost a big fat $150.

Hubby took my phone to work today and it worked! Wahoo! Only problem is now it's telling me I have another update to install. Am I a part of some vicious circle Apple created? I'll have to ask during my next customer service call.

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