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Friday, February 1, 2013

My kids are addicted to technology

When my son was born in 2009 we were a technology minimal house. We had a desktop computer and neither one of had smartphones. Shortly after he was born, we bought a laptop which progressed into Hubby getting a smartphone and me getting a blackberry. The point is: my son didn't know about technology until he was at least 2. Even then Hubby and I didn't have anything exciting on our phones that he could play with.

When my daughter was born, in 2011, we had our laptop, Hubby had an Android phone, an iPad, I know have an iPhone and iPad. Our son is a whiz at Angry Birds (like seriously better than me) and pretty much every other game I have on my phone. Baby girl also enjoys pushing buttons and seeing the animation of these games. They each have their own folders on my iPhone and iPad. My son knows exactly which one is his while baby girl just likes to randomly push buttons.

My son is at the age where he understands when he can play on my phone or iPad. Baby girl is not. She believes she should be playing w/ these devices all the time. If she sees one, or sees her brother holding one, she begins to scream and throw a royal temper tantrum complete w/ foot stomping, arms flailing and hitting. The only action she's missing is throwing herself on the ground. She's started bending at the waist so it's only a matter of time before she ends up on the floor.

In order to avoid this horrific scene ever time I use my phone, I have to hide it in my pocket if we're out or I just leave it on the countertop when we're at home and whenever I need to read or reply to an e-mail or text, I lean over the counter really far when baby girl isn't around. If I hear her coming, I put it down and step away from the counter so as not to draw her eye to the phone sitting on top. She's still short enough she can't see it sitting up there but that doesn't stop her from standing on her tiptoes and trying.

Do your kids go crazy over technology?

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