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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Underwear Wars

I am very glad to say that my son is 95% potty trained. We never thought this day would come, we were hoping to see it a lot sooner, but are very proud he's grasped the idea and is following through w/ peeing in the potty.

The 5% he's lacking is, you guessed it, #2 in the potty. Most days he manages to put it all in there, but lately he's had maybe one accident every other day. This makes for an extra load of wash that needs to be done unless I want dried, poopy underwear sitting around in a bathroom.

Right now, I have 4 pairs of dried, poopy underwear sitting in the bathtub. Why, you ask? When my son is done going potty, we've told him he needs to close the bathroom door so his sister doesn't go in and "explore." So at bedtime, the door is always closed and my visual to wash poopy underwear is sitting behind the closed door.

Because my son has been doing so well w/ his potty training, we let him pick out some new underwear. He chose Angry Birds (who wouldn't?) and is very excited to wear them each day. So excited that he wants to change his underwear several times a day. It's become a battle in the mornings.

I say, "You put on clean underwear last night after your bath, you don't need clean ones this morning."

Followed by him sobbing, "But I wanna wear the ones w/ the piggies on them!"

You can see the dilemma. Sometimes I wonder if he poops in his underwear just so he can change them. I have a laundry system w/ a chart that tells me what laundry I wash on each day. Kid's clothes are Monday's so technically I'm done for the week, but do you think I'm going to leave those dried, poopy pants laying in my bathroom for another 5 days?! Not to mention the fact that if we continue like this, he's going to run out of underwear.

I'm on my way downstairs w/ the basket.

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