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Thursday, February 21, 2013

When Hubby Naps

My husband's schedule allows him to be home every other Friday and every other Monday. Today was an exception b/c of the snow we received (and are still getting). Normally, he's the model dad and husband, getting up w/ the kids, letting me sleep in, entertaining them while I get some chores done, etc. And then there's nap time. Now I don't want to say too much about him b/c like I said, he's a great guy, but on some days when he's home and tired (who isn't?), he falls asleep on the couch, before nap time.

On occasion I've mentioned, "If you wait 30 minutes the kids will be sleeping." But this gets almost no reaction. His eyelids are too heavy. In turn, I get pissed off b/c he's snoring on the couch while the kids run around screaming and all I really want to do is take my nap (on the days I give in).

Today was a perfect example, he had spent some of the morning w/ the kids playing in the snow and the other time scooping our driveway. I know he was tired, but he still could have waited until 1 PM to stretch out on the couch. Instead, he sat w/ Baby Girl on his lap, started a cartoon and let his head fall back. I finished cleaning up from lunch, kept the kids entertained, and quiet, for 30 minutes, put them in their rooms, and went to lay on our bed.

I shouldn't be complaining too much, we both got our naps right?

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