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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Making the most of our weekends

Our Sunday's usually consist of church, eating lunch out, coming home and everyone taking a nice nap, adults included. Last Sunday, our money was a little tight that week so no lunch out. On the way home, baby girl fell asleep so she went right to bed when we got home which put a crimp in our schedule right off the bat. We ate lunch and baby girl woke up before we were done. She had slept for less than an hour which was totally not normal. Naps are usually 2 hours.

After lunch, baby girl had no interest in laying back down so mom and dad didn't get one either. What we did instead was take advantage of our day home. Hubby vacuumed out my car which was long overdue, I vacuumed inside and organized toys in the kid's rooms plus got caught up on some laundry. Our Christmas tree was still up, the car took priority over that. At the end of the day, Hubby and I were pretty proud of ourselves for not sleeping away the afternoon. We felt good in the evening instead of feeling tired, crabby, and unorganized to start the week. I had a plan for dinner and prep and clean up took no time at all.

Today baby girl took a regular nap (2 hours), Hubby took a short nap on the couch, I took the dog for a walk, the tree came out of the basement, which created a huge mess of needles. The vacuum became clogged twice, Hubby had to blow the hose out. The mess still isn't cleaned up, dinner and bedtime got in the way. I made treats for my son to take to school for his birthday, supper cooked and cleaned up. Feeling pretty proud of myself again.

We've been traveling the last 4 years on Super Bowl Sunday due to our son's birthday party falling on that weekend. Of course, we don't have cable so watching at home isn't an option. It's year we're at home w/ no party invites. We didn't go looking for invites but were hoping one would come up. We discovered today that missing the game the last 4 years has made us immune to the excitement. Plus as a parent, the game usually isn't much fun anyway, at least not if you're the mom.

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