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Friday, April 5, 2013


I have a friend I met through a mom's Meetup group. We try to get together once a week either thru a group planned activity or on our own. She has a 22 month old daughter.

Today we went to the zoo. The sun was out, first time in days, and we took advantage of it.

We arrived at the same time pulling into our parking spaces. I jumped out, unloaded the stroller, got my daughter out, strapped her in, my son jumped out, stroller was loaded w/ snacks, cups, and other necessary items.

My friend was still getting her stroller out of the trunk when we rolled up next to her car. She made a comment referring to Supermom b/c I had both my kids and stroller out and ready while she was still struggling w/ just the stroller.

I scoffed and smiled, brushing off the comment. Of course, I couldn't resist mentioning we had stopped at Target on the way and still managed to get there on time. (I was pretty proud of us for getting that done.)

There was no way I was a Supermom. She didn't know how I had struggled to get my son to put clothes on that morning, how my attitude changed when we walked into the store and the whining started, and she definitely didn't know that later today I got upset w/ him for wanting to wear his new shin guards during quiet time. (Why was that a big deal?)

My friend is a family therapist and has advised families on discipline cases among other things. She has recognized her daughter as being high needs. She's clingy, a frequent feeder/comfort nurser (she's still nursing her), hyperactive, and separation sensitive, among other symptoms.

My friend sleeps w/ her child almost every night and naps w/ her every day. She spent the first 9 months struggling to produce enough milk for her baby who wouldn't nurse yet she was determined to breastfeed. Because of this she pumped until her baby was able to attach properly to her nipple.

Her husband is going to nursing school so he spends his days in class or clinicals and when he is home, he wants to study. She could be considered a single parent most days of the week and I believe she rarely gets time to herself.

This woman is a true Supermom. I would not have her patience to handle a child that needs constant attention. One thing I love about my kids is that they both are happy to entertain themselves. She wants at least one more child. Her husband thinks that having a child w/ high needs is enough. She and I both agree that her daughter prepared her for pretty much any problem a newborn comes out having. Another child couldn't behave worse than what they've already experienced.

Sure there are some days when I have it together and can move smoothly through our daily routine w/o too many obstacles, but I would hardly call myself a Supermom. I think every mom should be called Supermom b/c she has the best job in the world. (Ok I know that was cheesy but it's the truth.)

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