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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Finding the Right Sports Bra

After the birth of my daughter in 2011, I knew I needed to do something about losing the baby weight. I hadn't lost much after my son was born so I had some extra around my middle when I got pregnant the second time.

A friend on Facebook was raving about Moving Comfort and their products.

I should point out that I'm a large chested girl (much to my displeasure) and wear a 38-40 DD. I'm sure I could wear an E if I knew where to buy that size in the big state of KS.

So this friend had posted about Moving Comfort making sports bras for large chested women so I thought I'd give it a look. I was tired of my girls bouncing around and the straps cut into my neck.

The Juno bra is the sites bestseller. I found my size on clearance (score!) and also ordered the Fiona style that was also on clearance.

When the bras came I tried them on immediately. The Fiona was beyond comfortable. The straps sat in the middle of my shoulder, not cutting into my neck and making my boobs "dip" in the middle, and felt more like a regular bra.

The Juno was a different story.
I apologize for this second picture being blurry. (I also don't know why the model looks so spaced out.)

The bottom strap has hooks like a regular bra. You'll notice it doesn't "open" in any way like a regular bra either. This means it has to be slid over your head (like a sports bra) and somehow you have to fasten the hooks.

For me, it's nearly impossible to pull this thing over my head w/ the hooks fastened. I also have to adjust the straps once it's on.

The first time I had to have Hubby help me. The second time I put it on was just a few weeks ago, I think I kept the hooks fastened and pulled it over my head. (It worked!) Then I had to adjust the straps.

I had to ask my son to throw them over my shoulder (I know I'm not proud of that). I wore this bra all day and it was the most uncomfortable thing ever. The straps cut into my neck, it rubbed a mole under my arm, and it was "big."

I'm glad other women have had such great luck w/ this bra, can you share your secrets?

I'm looking to buy another Fiona. That's my #1 choice.

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