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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Quality time w/ the Hubby

When you have small children alone time w/ the Hubby can be hard to come by. My kids are usually both in bed by 8:30 so Hubby and I are free to watch TV, a movie, balance our checkbook, etc.

Lately, Hubby has been working on a woods product in his shop in the garage leaving me alone w/ the TV and my iPad. It may seem crazy but I'm enjoying my evenings more when Hubby and I go our separate ways.

I'm a bit of a TV/remote hog and while we don't have cable, we have Netflix watch instant. I enjoy watching crime drama like Law & Order while Hubby likes to watch sci-fi (Eureka) and The West Wing. I like to watch these shows too but am kind of selfish and want to watch my shows all the time. (Terrible, huh?)

One of the library's we visit has an awesome collection of movies and TV shows. Last week I checked out CSI: NY. I loved this show when it was on TV. The only problem is DVD's can only be checked out for a week. That's 24 episodes to watch in 1 week! Luckily, the library has a week grace period so I won't be charged w/ a fee.

How do you spend your evenings? Are you happy to spend time alone w/o Hubby or do you prefer to be w/ him all evening?

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