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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Purse or Diaper Bag?

The May 2013 issue of the magazine Parenting has a quote from Hilary Duff I found to be absolutely true.

"Now that I carry a diaper bag, I have no idea what to put in my purse to fill it up when I'm alone! I learned to need so little."

I love this quote. I identify w/ Hilary Duff (and also wished I looked like her after having a baby but that's another story). She's right.

First let me clarify, I no longer carry a diaper bag. My kids are bigger and I find all I really need are a couple of diapers, wipes, maybe a change of clothes for my daughter, a pack of Kleenex, handful of toys (action figures, mini board books, etc), maybe a packet of fruit snacks or a box of raisins. And of course my wallet.

This means I carry a "Mom" purse. It's a large brown leather bag that is both casual and dressy. It has a shoulder strap and another longer strap for wearing the purse cross-body. The longer strap also unclips. I usually only wear on the shoulder when I'm alone.

Now that I've explained the contents of my purse and it's appearance, I'll explain that when I'm going out w/ the Hubby or w/ friends I carry a smaller purse.

In this purse I usually carry my wallet, another mini Kleenex pack, my phone, and in just about every bag I carry I keep a tube of chapstick, a pair of nail clippers and a small bottle of tylenol.

As you can imagine, all these things don't even begin to fill my purse.

I see a lot of Moms who carry a purse AND a diaper bag. My question is: What are these Mom's carrying in their purse that can't be put in the diaper bag?

When I was carrying a diaper bag, all I did was slip my wallet into the diaper bag. I didn't need anything else. Can someone solve the mystery of why these women carry 2 bags?!

What do you carry in your "Mom" purse/diaper bag? Unload your bag for us!

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