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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Joined a Gym

Hubby and I have talked about joining our local YMCA for the past 9 months. It seemed silly to join right after we moved last year for numerous reasons:

1) It was the middle of the summer, they have an awesome water park, but I didn't see the point in joining for 2 months. Once it got cold I wasn't going to haul my butt to the gym.

2) I wasn't motivated enough in my quest for fitness to join.

The Y was running a joining special thru yesterday and we finally made the move. We want to get our son into swimming lessons before the pool opens and I feel ready to take this next step in my fitness journey. (Wow that sounded lame. Sorry about that.)

By joining we got 3 free sessions w/ a trainer (oh yeah!). I met w/ mine tonight. We were told one of the busiest times of the day was between 6-8 PM. Holy shit that guy wasn't kidding.

The parking lot was full and there was a large crowd when I walked inside. I'm easily intimidated by people and situations. I'm not an overly confident person either so you can probably guess I wanted to run out of there. It's guaranteed I won't be doing my working out at night until I've been going for awhile.

I met w/ my trainer for our 1st session. As to be expected, it was just a sit down where we discussed my goals and expectations. I told her about my desire to lose the 4+ years of baby weight, we talked about my equipment familiarity and preferences, etc.

I had thought about doing a little cardio after my session, but wasn't dead set on it. I didn't end up staying and felt like a lame-o. I did Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred so I at least did something.

Plus I left my headphones in my car and as lame as that excuse is, I wasn't going to cross the parking lot in 40 degree weather to get them.

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