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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Booger noses

For me the worst part about having a cold is the runny nose. It makes your nose red and raw from blowing/wiping, is annoying b/c you have to sniff until you think you'll pass out, and makes you go thru a lot of Kleenex which you don't always have on hand when you're out and about w/ small children. I've been known to rifle thru the side car door (what we use for a trash can) looking for a used Kleenex b/c my son is most likely licking the stream of snot running out of his nose (sorry for the visual but it's the truth).

Right now my son has a runny nose. Not just your standard runny nose, I mean thick yellow snot (what color means its healthy? Is it yellow?). There's also a dried ring of snot inside one nostril that I have to practically hold him down to dig around and clean it out.

My daughter doesn't have a runny nose, she gets the dried crusty boogers that I have to fight her to clean out. My technique is to kind of scrape them out w/ my fingernail when I can get a clear shot.

The perks of being a mom, right?

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