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Sunday, January 6, 2013

What makes me a Suburban Mom

So I titled this blog "Tales of a Suburban Mom" obviously b/c I live in the suburbs. Let me give you some background.

I grew up on a farm where I did very little farm related work (raise cows, plant/cut wheat, corn, beans). I hated harvest time in the summer b/c of the heat and also b/c when it was time to move equipment, my dad called and needed my help, or my mom's, to drive a various vehicle. I could barely remember my directions from my own house and my dad would name the field they were in and then use directions like "5 miles south of the water tower" or something equally confusing. Thank goodness for cell phones so I could call when I got lost. I spent a lot of time driving dirt roads looking for a combine and grain cart.

I went to college in Lawrence, which I loved. Not growing up close to a big city of any kind, it was a little overwhelming at first especially driving anywhere but I got over that quickly. I loved having my pick of stores and restaurants at my disposal and came quite accustomed to that so called lifestyle. My boyfriend (eventually my husband) was from the same town as me. He loved the small town life. Once it appeared we were serious, I made it clear I didn't intend to love anywhere close to home. I didn't want my mom to drop by whenever she was in the neighborhood or see someone I knew every time I went out of the house. He agreed that was fine and we settled in SE Kansas right after we got married. Fast forward 7 years later and we're living in what you would call a suburb of Wichita. Hence, the reason for the title of this blog.

I absolutely adore Wichita, that being said, I'm glad my kids will not be attending school there for various reasons I'm sure you can all guess. My husband commutes to work every day and the kids and I are left to our own activities. I don't sit around and drink wine, gossip about my friends, or have plastic surgery, like the TV portrays suburban women. I belong to several "mommy groups" my son goes to preschool, we got to the library every week and have met a great group of people in our new town.

Back to loving Wichita, the 15 minute drive to Target is awesome! Not to mention the unlimited activities and restaurants available. My husband doesn't share my love, he only likes the close proximity to the city. He loves the outdoors and hasn't quite found his place in this new setting. It will happen in time I'm sure.

So now I hope you all don't think I'm your stereotypical housewife as mentioned above, I actually very seldom take off my sweatpants unless I'm leaving the house, but that's a post for another day.

Good night all!

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