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Monday, January 7, 2013

Potty training update

Today marks a week since we put away the size 6 diapers and told our son underwear was the only way to go. We were a prisoner to our house last week something that I was fine w/ considering the mess he would make in public should he have an accident. 

Well an accident happened in public over the weekend, but lucky for me, it happened when he was w/ Daddy. I had packed a bag w/ change of clothes, sock, and shoes plus a plastic bag to contain the pee soaked clothes. Hubby was glad for this life saving bag as I pointed out that he wouldn't have remembered a pull up much less a change of clothes. 

The point of this post was to share that today marked our first accident free day (w/ the exception of poop)! I can't tell you how proud we are of him!! He goes back to preschool tomorrow and I'll be sending the "emergency bag" w/ him and giving his teacher the rundown. 

I'm also pleased his behavior has improved. Before Xmas he wasn't listening, talking back, and copping some major attitude both in public and at home. Hubby and I were ready to try anything. I found myself yelling constantly at this child who would scream, cry, and become so emotional at the word "no." We were worried our daughter would be the "emotionally unstable" child (and she could still be) but the boy was worse than we could imagine. But over the past week, I've noticed an improved attitude, no more screaming and crying over minor things, and doing a great job of listening. I credit myself for keeping my temper and frustration level under control, not biting his head off or being annoyed by every little question or comment. I also like to think that my son is finally ready to be a "big boy" and change his behavior. 

Whatever the reason Hubby and I are just glad the family dynamic around here has calmed down. Hubby knows how our day went minutes after he comes home. I guess my tension is either so evident I'm a monster and bite his head off or I'm smiling like an idiot and looking relaxed and refreshed. Either way I always have dinner on the table, isn't that the most important part? 

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