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Thursday, January 10, 2013

My daughter aka "The Screamer"

When my family tells childhood stories, they often involve stories of me screaming. Like the time my Aunt put me in time out b/c I wouldn't stop screaming. Of course, I kept screaming and then stayed in time out. I refused to stop. I could reach quite the high octaves I was told. I can't reach those octaves anymore, but my daughter has inherited my awesome set of lungs.

She screams out of anger, frustration, excitement and glee. She's starting to react when her older brother takes something away from her (which he does on a regular basis) w/ an ear piercing scream. Last week she had an unusually hard day in which she screamed a lot. My ears are still recovering. In the past couple weeks, her screaming has been happening a lot more frequently: in church, the library, grocery store, the car, etc. Surely this isn't the start of parent manipulation to get what she wants? B/c it just might work. We hate to give in, but when it happens somewhere like church, we're scrambling to shut her up and avoid the annoyed glances from fellow parishioners.

On the flip side, hearing her squeal in excitement when her daddy comes home or listening to her laugh while playing w/ her brother lights my face up and makes the anger screams almost a forgotten memory.

For about 15 minutes, of course.

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