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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Potty training: Day 2

The Hubby and I were firm in our decision to go "hard core" w/ potty training our son at the first of the year. Yesterday was the first day of underwear only (he'd been wearing diapers and pull ups). It isn't that he doesn't know when he has to go, the problem is that he's lazy and can't tear himself away from his toys or TV when he has to go. The first day saw a couple accidents and 2 successes. I fear it will take longer for the #2 to happen in the potty which means lots of poop scrubbing for mom.

My Hubby returned to work today so I was on my own to handle the pee party. I am proud to say I kept my temper and frustration in check today in spite of the many accidents/messes. (One of my resolution's!)

I learned a few things today I'll share w/ all of you:
1) Socks are not a good idea no matter what the temperature is.

2) Those plastic pants seem fool proof until your kid actually pees in them. They really just catch the pee and when your kid pulls them down, dumps pee all over the floor and their legs. I have a pair sitting in my bathtub now waiting to be rinsed and washed. Good thing I have 3 extra pairs.

3) I will never know the most effective way to wash poop out of underwear. I was able to dump some in the toilet but what do you do w/ the rest? Yesterday I attempted to wipe it off w/ toilet paper but it became tricky when I would try and rip off a new piece of tp. I didn't think it was a good idea to rinse them in the sink, who wants poop washed down their drain? And I'm not throwing them away.

I usually do 1 load of laundry a day, some days 2, but the last 2 days I've done 2 extra loads. I thought I'd wait until the end of the day and throw all the pee soaked items in the wash at once, but after that first accident this morning at 11 AM, I decided I didn't want those clothes sitting around gathering a stench.

I also spent more time than I'm comfortable w/ looking at my son's butt. After the poop accidents, I had to make sure he was wiped clean and rather than make him lie down on the bathroom floor (where there was no doubt pee residue and God knows what else), I chose to sit on the edge of the tub and wipe his butt. My son doesn't like to be wiped, as a result (or defensive pose), he clenches. So I had to literally separate his cheeks to make sure he was poop free. Not the highlight of my day as you can imagine.

A note about my amazing and supportive Hubby: he asked me what I wanted to do tomorrow night to give myself the night off from 2 days of potty training madness. I thought that was incredibly sweet.

Anyone else have horror stories to share?

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