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Thursday, January 17, 2013


I must have jinxed myself w/ my previous Booger Nose post b/c I woke up yesterday and my throat was horribly scratchy and sore and my body was aching (I'd worked out the day before so couldn't be sure my body aches were sick related). I haven't been going thru much Kleenex on my account (the boy is going thru it like crazy). Today when I woke up my throat was on fire, I hadn't slept well and had coughed most of the night, my head was aching and as the morning wore on I started to feel light headed and sick to my stomach.

Like every other SAHM, I had kids to take care of regardless of how I felt. After dropping my son off at preschool, I brought my daughter home and took my temp which said 100.5. I sent my husband a text thinking of how great a day in bed would be. I had checked out several books from the library and had added them to the growing pile on my nightstand. But I sucked up my symptoms and told him I would be fine, and I was later in the morning.

When my husband came home from work, I planned to "retire" to the basement and veg in front of the TV and let Hubby take care of the kids. I'd already fed the kids so he didn't have much left to do. He is having a "lodge" weekend where he will be spending 2 days w/ friends hunting, drinking, laughing, etc. while I spend those 2 days w/ my parents and mother-in-law as a single mother. (Can you tell I love to torment Hubby w/ this?)

I figured if he was going to spend the next 2 days "kid free" I deserved an hour of solitude in the basement, especially if I didn't feel good. I wasn't alone 5 minutes before I heard the "thump, thump, thump" on the stairs and the lights come on. Hubby had brought the kids downstairs. In his defense, he had explained to our son that mommy didn't feel good and wanted to watch her show. I had started an episode of My Strange Addiction that isn't exactly kid friendly.

I gave Hubby a look and explained my reasoning. He asked if he should take the kids upstairs to which I said no. Hubby was tired, I was tired, neither one of us had the strength to corral the kids.

This weekend should buy me some "mom" time for the next couple weeks. :)

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