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Monday, January 14, 2013

Sleeping in - Good idea or time waster?

Ever since we came back from Xmas break (we spent a week w/ our families), I have found it nearly impossible to get back on schedule. It didn't help that I slept until 9 almost every day of break b/c there were grandparents who were more than happy to get up w/ the kids. Then when we came home to our house, Hubby, being the sweet and considerate man that he is, let me stay in bed an additional 3 more days before going back to work. That's when it all fell apart. My mind knew I needed to get up and shower when the alarm went off, but my body was happy snuggling under the blankets and dozing for another hour. I had also planned to start working out that week, just another memo my body didn't get. My mind was all set to go; the body didn't agree.

It has now been 2 weeks since we've been back, and even though our daily lives are back on schedule, I still cannot get myself out of bed in the mornings! Last week I think I only showered twice, the other days I slept until my son crawled in bed w/ me. I set my alarm every night for 5:30 AM intending to work out. I shut it off and go back to sleep. Hubby's alarm goes off at pretty much the same time.

Last week I did however manage to work out 3 times thanks to my son. I have the EA sports active program for the Wii and started the 30 day challenge at the beginning of the month. I think I've done 6 workouts and today is the 14th. Sad I know. Anyway, my son likes to do some of the exercises w/ me like running, inline skating and boxing so throughout the day he'll ask when I'm going to do my workout. I figure its a way for him to burn off energy and kills 30 min at the same time.

Every night, after I've looked at Pinterest, I get all hyped up and say to myself that I will get up in the morning and make tomorrow better b/c I slept until 8:30 today and took a nap at quiet time. I didn't follow my normal routine of laundry and kitchen clean up and felt like shit most of e day. Not to mention my jeans are tighter still. I need a big change and borderline intervention. I've browsed some cross fit sites and am wondering if I have what it takes to try it. The main thing is I'm lazy, there I said it. My name is Megan and I'm a lazy girl who doesn't want to get out of her nice warm bed and work out in the mornings, nor do I want to watch what I eat.

Think about me in the morning and send positive thoughts my way so I can crawl out of bed. I'll let you know what happened tomorrow. Check later!

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